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Ann Marie O'Donnell -- 9th Birthday Party

From the Holyoke Daily Transcript
circa 1934-5

A 9th Birthday and 30 Friends

When Ann Marie O'Donnell became nine her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O'Donnell of Hillside Ave. had a big party. That is Ann Marie in the center front. The others are, front row, left to right, Eileen Dunlevey, Katherine Cunningham, Nancy Curran, David Foley, Phyllis Cunningham, Charlotte Geihler, Eleanor Geihler and John Foley. Second row, same order, Katherine Ward, Rita Moynihan, Jerry Mack, Katherine McCarthy, Katherine Kennedy, Theresa Griffin, Robert O'Brien and Bobby Tisdale. Third row, same order, Celia Sheaffer, Charlotte Rosseau, Francis McCormick, Eileen Donahue, Marie Ward and Audrey Miles. The back row was not identified.

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