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Easter Parade, 1930s

Above: Easter Parade participants, from the Holyoke Transcript,
Monday, April 21, 1935 (people are not identified).

Easter Parade

The tradition of the Easter Parade in Holyoke (at times affectionately called "Walking the Drag") has been a long-popular Easter tradition.

What follows is an article from the Holyoke Transcript, published on Monday, April 13, 1925.

Men Vie With Women in
Displaying Toggery In
City's Easter Parade

The weather which looked a little doubtful early yesterday morning warmed up gradually and gave to the Easter day paraders a perfect spring day, while Old Sol beamed down smilingly on the many bright colors of the new spring creations for the women. Ensemble suits and spring coats of every possible hue with the bright colors of the rainbow predominating, scarfs that were a combination of all these colors in one, fur trimmings about the collars and bottoms of the suits, hats, shoes and hosiery; all were out for display yesterday on the persons of every woman and young miss, and High street, Northampton street and other promenades were a riot of color.

For the men, too, there were style displays that would turn the Prince of Wales green with envy. Men's styles also show a penchant for the light colors with grays and tans, almost bordering on the white, with a loose English cut. Brilliantly striped neckties, tan shoes and gray hats took their first airing yesterday. In general the display showed that the men were trying hard to keep up with the women in the matter of dress, with the latter holding a decided advantage owing to the variety and sprightliness of the colors being introduced in women's clothes.

All in all the style parade yesterday was about the most successful in many a year.

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