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        Sports Heroes—Listed on conjunction with the City's Centennial celebration is the 50th anniversary of Rosary High School in September. Pictured above are two of that school's outstanding varsity teams -- the football team of 1922 that annexed Western Mass. championship honors and the 1923 basketball team that played 39 games and posted a 35-4 record.

Rosary High School Basketball Team, 1923
The Basketball Team

first row, left to right—P. J. Joyce (deceased), Howard Hickey (deceased), Leo McNulty (deceased), Joe Cauley and Billy Crowley. Second row left to right: coach Howard McNally, Skater O'Donnell, Garney Gilbert and manager Bill Lathrop (deceased).

Rosary High School Football Team, 1922
The Football Team

First row, left to right— Joe Cauley, Fran Hickey (deceased), James O'Donnell, Charles Mannix (deceased), Leo McNulty (deceased), Don Shea and Howard Hickey (deceased). Second row: George Powers (deceased), Howard Willitte, Charles Doody, Eddie Fitzgerald, Billy Lathrop, and coach Pete Merengo (deceased). Third row: Lionel Page, Jack Ryan (deceased) and Walter Claffey. Fourth row: John ("Nipper") O'Connell, Tom Heffron, Billy Crowley and Ty Sullivan. Fifth row: Ray Crowley, Bobby Green, Tug Kennedy, Johnny Clare and Terry O'Donnell.

[Transcriber's Note: Taken from the Holyoke Transcript 1973 Centenniel edition.]

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