Lynch Reelected as Library Head

by Laurel | December 19th, 2011

I wonder what happened to all the museum artifacts? I know there was a large collection of taxidermy animals for example. Long gone, or in storage somewhere. Probably not so politically correct.

19 December 1933

Holyoke Public Library

Holyoke Public Library

Year’s Receipts $28,592 and expenses $28,412 — Attendance at Museum Reaches New High

Holyoke, Dec. 18 — John J. Lynch was reelected president of the Holyoke Public Library at the annual meeting, held at the library tonight. Several changes and additions were made in the list of directors and committees. The year’s receipts were $28,592.38 and disbursements, $28,412.98, leaving a balance of 0f $179.30.

The financial history of the past few months was reviewed and the troubles of the reduced appropriation pointed out. Sections of the letter addressed to the mayor and aldermen were included in the report of librarian Frank. G. Willcox. Quotations were given also of subsequent correspondence. Note is also made of the diminished income for the museum and its need of larger appropriation.

Museum Attendance Grows

The report of the Holyoke museum for the year was read by Curator Burlingham Schurr and outlined the increase in attendance and interest and the increasing need for more room. The first time that Boy Scout ever had charge of any museum for a definite period of time was a few weeks ago at the Holyoke museum.

There were 308 contributors of objects and specimens during the year and an attendance for the year of 58,678 persons, breaking all records. Various contests were held and awards made. Forty-nine lectures and talks have been given during the past year on request. There were 3122 boys and girls who participated in the contests.

Other Officers Elected

The other officers elected were: Vice-Presidents, Joseph A. Skinner, Frank H. Metcalf, Charles A. Chase; Treasurer, Atty. Nathan P. Avery, Secretary, Frank G. Willcox, auditors, Charles A. Chase, Atty. Gregory J. Scanlon; Directors, the president, Vice-Presidents, Mayor of the city, president of the alderman and F. S. Webber, William Mauer, N. P. Avery, F. R. Towne, John Hildreth, E. S. Towne, E. B. Robinson, E. N. White, William Whiting, 2d, J. B. Wels, F. F. Bennett, R. E. Barrett, O. O. Lamontagne, Alice Chapin, A. C. Bagg, W. J. Howes, Philip O’Brien, G. J. Scanlon, Dr. H. O. Hastings, Dr. F. A. Woods, Mrs. C. H. Tower, W. H. Hubbard, Mrs. W. G. Dwight, Robert H. Russell and C. F. Schuster.

The executive committee comprises Charles A. Chase, Atty. Philip O’Brien, Aaron C. Bagg, Robert E. Barrett; book committee, Fred S. Webber, Atty O. O. Lamontagne, J. B. Wels, Rev. E. B. Robinson and Atty. Gregory J. Scanlon; members of the corporation, Mrs. William G. Dwight, Dr. E. P. Bagg, Byron Hudson, George E. Pellissier, Robert H. Russell, Judge Merrill L. Weicker, Lansing Van der Heyden Hammond, Miss Rose K. Butler, Neil Gillies, Sergt. Melvin N. Snow, Capt. Frank C. Waring, D. Howlett, Dr. Harold E. Miner, Atty A. B. Green, Herbert E. Fuller, Charles A. Emerson and George E. Pellissier.

The following persons have presented specimens or objects to the museum of value in excess of $25 and are entitle to life membership in the Holyoke Public Library Association:

Dr. E. P. Bagg, Francis C. Heywood, Byron Hudson, George E. Pellissier, Robert H. Russell, Judge Merrill L. Weicker, Lansing Van der Heyden Hammond, Rose K. Butler, Neil Gillies, Gen. Edmund G. Slate, Sergt. Melvin N. Snow, Capt. Franbk C. Waring, Duncan Howlett, Dr. Harold E. Miner, Herbert E. Fuller, Addison B. Green, Miss Charin Emerson of Granby.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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