Before and After: Corner of Dwight & Maple Street

by Laurel | March 3rd, 2012

Below is Dwight Street in the 1940’s: Park Sandwich Shop (583 Dwight) and M. Stein Jewelers (579 Dwight Street) — corner of Dwight and Maple Streets. People in the image are waiting for a bus. I looked up the street addresses for these businesses in my 1952 telephone book.

Park Sandwich Shop and M. Stein Jewelers, 1940's

Park Sandwich Shop and M. Stein Jewelers, 1940's

Below are two images of the same corner, though obviously from a different angle, taken when I was last in Holyoke at the end of January 2012. What once was M. Stein Jewelers is on the left and on the right is Perez Market.

Former Stein Jewelers, Dwight St., Holyoke

Former Stein Jewelers, Dwight St., Holyoke

Former Perez Market, Dwight St., Holyoke

Former Perez Market, Dwight St., Holyoke

Google Street View of the corner of Maple & Dwight Streets

Google Street View of the corner of Maple & Dwight Streets. Link to the Google map itself is

Comparing the two images, it appears in the 1940’s image the building with the businesses was taken down at some point, and possibly M. Stein Jewelers built the newer single story building we see in the newer image, above — though it looks to be in the same location. Comparing the windows at the far right in the 1940’s image with those in the Perez Market image, it seems to be the same building.

Question: is the Perez Market the same location where Ryback’s once was?

4 Responses to “Before and After: Corner of Dwight & Maple Street”

  1. Yes, that’s the old Rybacks, a market with a great pastry counter. I remember a sandwich shop kitty-corner from there, across the street from the park, that I really liked. I don’t remember it;s name though.

  2. Gayle: My mom used to send me to Ryback’s with a list! I remember that pastry counter well — though we didn’t get to buy goodies that often.

    Are you thinking of the Phoenix Fruit & Luncheonette?

  3. Back in the 50″s me and my friends would walk from Springdale
    “up street” go to the library on the way and stop at the Park Sandwich shop to have a vanilla coke and a bran muffin—i used to go to Dr Zilenski dentist office his office was in the Newberry”s building –he told me that he went to lunch there everyday–yum
    yum :)))))

  4. If you lived in the 50’s do you remember a Joe McFadden

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