Art Exhibition Opens Tomorrow

by Laurel | January 3rd, 2014

03 January 1915

Cottage With Flowering Vines

Cottage With Flowering Vines
Isabelle H. Ferry

Holyoke Artists to Show Work at Miller Company Gallery

The fourth of the series of exhibitions by local artists being held in the J. H. Miller Company’s gallery will open tomorrow for two weeks. The exhibitors will be Mrs. I. H. Ferry. Mrs. F. M. Goodyear, Miss T. I. Coser, the Misses Lucy and Ruth Coolidge and Miss Vera Chapman, all of Holyoke.

Mrs. Ferry is a graduate of the Smith College Art School and studied at the Art Students’ League in New York. She has also studied under Roucereau, Bontet de Monvel, Robert Fleury and Armand Jean. Her work has been accepted and exhibited at the National Academy in New York.

Mrs. Goodyear is a graduate of the Smith College Art School and studies under D. W. Tryon, Bryson Burroughs, A.N.A., and Charles W. Hawthorne, N.A. Miss Corser is a graduate of the Smith College Art School, studies under D. W. Tryon, Mary R. Williams, under Bougereau and Ferrier, also Colaroesi Studio under Coratorie and Le Blanc.

Vera R. Chapman

Vera R. Chapman
Street At Night, Paris

The Misses Coolidge have studied at the Art Students’ League in New York and under Charles W. Hawthorne, N.A., and Leonard Ochtman, N.A. Miss Vera Chapman has studied at Smith College and done much designing.

Following is a list of pictures exhibited–Mrs. Isabelle H. Ferry: “A Good Little Girl,” “Maine Woods,” “Hillside Sumach,” “October,” “Church in Brittany,” “Clearing Weather,” ” Katherine,” “June Roses,” and “The Simple Life — Brittany.” Mrs. Florida M. Goodyear: “A Breezy Day,” “Busy,” ” The Green Boat,” sketch, “Bathers,” sketch, “The Packet,” “Rising Fog,” “Autumn Play,” “Old Harbor,” and “The Lumber Wharf.” Miss Theresa I. Corser: “Green house,” “A Deserted Wharf,”  “Provincetown Lane,” “Low Water On The Connecticut,” “From My Chamber Window,” “Boats Coming Into The Harbor For Fear of a Storm,” and “Steamboat Wharf.” Miss Ruth W. Coolidge: “Along Shore,” “Lumber Wharf,” “Autumn Afternoon,” “High Tide,” “Breezy Day,” and “Old Doorway.” Miss Lucy Coolidge: “A Glimpse of the Bay,” “:October,” “A Sunny Morning,” “Quaint Provincetown,” and “Across the Dunes.” Miss Vera Chapman: “Arbutus” and Corn Field.

From The Springfield Republican.

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