Holyoke Snippets — 18 July 1918

by Laurel | October 20th, 2014

18 July 1918

1918 Overland Model 90 B Touring Car

1918 Overland Model 90 B Touring Car
Image Courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum

Ford Gets Furious — Lawrence Hudzikiewicz Could Not Control It and is Under ArrestLawrence Hudzikiewicz, of 392 Chicopee Street, Willimansett, lost control of his Ford touring car at High and Dwight Streets at 12:45 yesterday afternoon, and it was only by extremely high jumping that Traffic Officer Kilmurray escaped from being telescoped. The Ford, after failing to ram the officer, darted against a machine twice its size owned by W. E. Hutchinson of the American Writing Paper Company and gored the back mudguard of the larger automobile. In the meantime the Ford was being pursued by Officer Kilmurray, but before it would stop the driver brought it up on the curbing of the Dwight Street sidewalk in front of City Hall. The machine was then boarded by the officer and driven to the police station where the driver was placed under arrest. His license to drive a car was issued on the 9th, and it is presumed that he had not yet learned the vagaries of a full-sized Ford, hence, when it took control of matters he was unable to persuade it to stop. The Ford did not seem to be injured in the slightest and appeared to be perfectly satisfied with the damage inflicted on the other car.

To Raise $1,000 a Month For War Relief — Plans are underway to raise $1,000 a month in Holyoe for relief work in northern France and Belgium, the fund to be administered by Miss Belle Skinner. The school children have been interested in the work and will be thoroughly organized at the opening of the fall term. it is planned to have each school in the fall adopt one French orphan and become responsible for his care. Miss Skinner has signified her willingness to take charge of this relief work in the name of Holyoke.

Already 93 Jobless Have Registered –– The number of Holyoke’s unemployed bids fair to go over the 100 mark, as up to yesterday noon 93 had registered. The police officers will now keep watch of any loafers on their beats and the ranks of thhe park lizards will also be thinned. Just how valuable the registrants will be in many instances at real work remains to be learned, but it is thought that they will help out the situation to some degree in the present labor shortage.

Four Under Draft Age Enlist — Four more young men were enlisted by Sergeant Green  yesterday, all being under the draft age. They are as follows: Thomas J. Debens, 18, of 112 Newton Street and Ernest Gagne, 19, 0f 22 Highland Avenue, Willimansett, were accepted for the Calvary.  Jeremiah J. Aubrey, 19, of 25 High Street, South Hadley Falls signed up with the field artillery and Michael Rorzek, 18, of 20 Kimball Street, Chicopee, goes to the infantry.

Child Drowned in CanalLittle Antonio Nowak Falls From Railroad Bridge — Police Fail to Find Body. Antonio Nowak, four, living at 4 High Street, fell into the canal in the read of the D. Mackintosh & Sons mill at 5:55 last evening and was drowned. The police dragged the canal for the body but failed to recover it, and it will probably not be found until the water from the canal is drawn off on Sunday. The little boy, with his sister, was crossing the railroad bridge over the canal when he saw some driftwood in the water and climbed down on a girder to get it. In reaching for it he lost his balance and fell into the canal. The alarm was given at once and the police were notified and secured a boat and dragged the canal for some little time. The current is rather strong and it is possible that the body has been carried for some distance from where the accident took place. This makes the second drowning accident in the canal this summer.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.
Image 1918 Overland Model 90 B Touring Car, Courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum.

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