I’m a Holyoke expat now living in the Finger Lakes Region of Central NY state.

This site functions as a repository for interesting adaptations of text and images about subjects and places I love relating to the history and genealogy of Western Massachusetts. It also provides a forum for discussion.

For many years now, I’ve been researching my Holyoke-related family genealogy. In fact, my database contains more than twenty thousand individuals that are both directly and indirectly related to my family and Holyoke. As of today, I have about 3300 different surnames in my database. A majority of my family landed in Holyoke from Scotland, so I am highly interested in certain Scottish surnames. A smaller portion of my family landed in Hampshire and Franklin counties from Ireland (Millstreet, County Cork) in the 1850’s. If your Holyoke-based surname is among those on the following list, I am interested in hearing from you — plus I have many, many other names that I have compiled significant research upon. The names in bold are of a significant interest to me — but I am interested in all names, plus others not appearing here:

Aitken, Alexander, Ballou, Baran, Barnett, Battersby, Beach, Beaverstock, Becher, Bessette, Bibby, Biela, Bilz, Blackhall, Blanchette, Bogdanovich, Brooksbank, Brough, Cameron, Campbell, Cathro, Clark, Counter, Couture, Crafts, Crean, Curran, Danner, Daunheimer, Dellert, Dollar, Downie, Dupuis, Eichstaedt, Engle, Englehardt, Equi, Ewen, Flynn, Ford, Fortune, Freeburn, Gallup, Gaylord, Gibson, Gough, Gow, Green, Halkyard, Halliday, Harris, Hay, Hoessler, Houston, Hynd, Irwin, Ittner, Jolly, King, Knowles, LaDuke, Lafond, Laird, Landry, Latour, Lawler, Lempke, Lequin, Lobban, Loescher, Longbottom, Lowe, Mackenzie, Malcolm, Marsh, McCorkindale, McCurry, McDowell, McEwan, McFarlane, McGarvie, McIntyre, Merrill, Merriman, Miles, Minutillo, Mitton, Montcalm, Moores, Murphy, Naughton, Pratt, Rackliffe, Rae, Ross, Schubach, Scougall, Seiffert, Simpson, Sloan, Smith, Stapley, Steadward, Stephens, Stevenson, Tetreault, Thompson, Thomson, Topham, Troelenberg, Tulloch, Valenti, Vigneux, Visco, Volkmann, Wade, Wailgum, Walker, Wilson, Wingate, Winkler, Wyllie , Young.

Contact info: Holyoke[at]gmail dot com


Suggested Holyoke Books

Mountain Park -- The Holyoke destination we all loved.

Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College, Postcard History by Donna Albino. Many Holyoke women have attended Mount Holyoke. Author also maintains an amazing MHC website based upon her personal collection.

Holyoke - Chicopee, A Perspective

Holyoke-Chicopee: A Perspective, by Ella Merkel DiCarlo. DiCarlo, a former Transcript columnist offers a fascinating compilation of her essays. Published in 1982, this out-of-print book is worth looking for in the aftermarket.


Holyoke, by Craig Della Penna. The first Holyoke book in the Arcadia series, published in 1997.

Belle Skinner Collection

Belle Skinner Collection, by Ruth Isabel Skinner. Published in 1933, this book is long out of print but copies are still available in the aftermarket.

Mitch Epstein: Family Business

Mitch Epstein: Family Business Published in 2003, available in the aftermarket. Epstein's furniture.