This Day in Holyoke History: June 26

by Laurel | June 26th, 2009

June 26, 1908
Real Estate Business Slow

While some lines of business in the city are showing slight signs of improvement, the real estate situation remains at practically the point it arrived at last April. While the situation in this regard has shown marked improvement since the slump from the middle of last October until the middle of January, yet for the past three months it has remained practically stationary. While the large sales and the purchases for speculation have almost entirely disappeared, yet the activity in the purchase of small properties, cottages and lots on which to build has continued in about the same proportion as last year, and it is evident that the workingmen are running more strongly toward owning their houses than they are toward the buying of stocks at present. One example of the hard times has been the sale of two large blocks on High street from the foreclosure of mortgage, something which has not happened to High street property for the past 20 years. The buying at present is limited to what can be afforded and what the buyer feels that he has a fair prospect in paying for. Another curious fact regarding the sale of real estate in Holyoke is that the sale of high class property is difficult, and where a fine home has been erected and the cost has been made secondary to the beauty of the surroundings and the strength and beauty of the building, it is almost impossible to sell it unless at a heavy loss from the cost price. Whether Holyoke prefers utility to beauty or whether the Holyoke resident prefers to do his own beautifying is a question which cannot be stated but the fact that such property is invariably sold at a heavy loss has been instanced on more than one occasion.

June 26, 1909
Man Falls Off Electric Car

John Cunningham of 348 Dwight street had a narrow escape from a serious injury, if not from death, about 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon on Northampton street near the home of W. S. Loomis. He was standing on the rear platform of a Holyoke-bound car, and in some way fell overboard, striking the street on his head. His face was badly cut and bruised, besides other injuries on his body. Dr. G. L. Gabler took the man to his office in his automobile, where he dressed his wounds, after which the man was able to go to his home.

June 26, 1909
Holyoke Man’s Trial
Monat, Charged with Murder, Testified He Can Remember Nothing About the Crime.

Evidence to support the contention of the defense that Napoleon Monat, the Holyoke man on trial at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., was mentally irresponsible for the murder of John Kilff was introduced yesterday in the trial of Monat. Monat’s counsel contended that Conrow was the directing head of the crime. Monat testified that he remembered nothing about the assault on Kliff and his wife, although he testified clearly to his conversations with Conrow before and after the murder. He said that the alleged confession he made to Chief of Police McCabe was what Conrow had told him of the crime.

Excerpted and adapted from the Springfield Republican.

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