Biography: Gustav Haarmann

by Laurel | July 6th, 2009

Gustav Haarmann

Gustav Haarmann

A native son of the city of Mendon, Westphalia, Prussia, Gustav Haarmann, in the mental working plants of that city, gained his insight into a business which has developed in Holyoke, Massachusetts, into the present corporation, G. Haarmann & Company (Inc.), of which he is president. He is a son of Frederick Haarmann, foreman in a brass factory in Mendon, Westphalia, Prussia, where he died at the age of fifty-four. Frederick Haarmann married Sophia Greningho, who died in Mendon. They were the parents of Henry, Emma, Gustav, of further mention; and Bertha. Emma is deceased, but bith Henry and Bertha are living in Germany, Henry having two sons in the German armyt, both of whom have been decorated with the Iron Cross for valor at Verdun.

Gustav Haarmann, was born in Mendon, Westphalia, Prussia, September 12, 1860, and was there educated, taking special courses in music and drawing. He continued in his native city until twenty-four years of age, employed in brass works, manufacturing pipes for various purposes and brass musical instruments. In 1884 he came to the United States, arriving a New York City and remaining in that vicinity two years, a teacher of instrumental and vocal music and leader of his own orchestra. In 1885 he located in Holyoke, Massachusettts, and was for a time with the Whiting Paper Company. He was also employed by the C. H. Bausch & Sons Machine Tool Company, and later was with the Bausch & Harris Machine Tool Company of Brightwood, Springfield, remaining in the employ of the last named city until 1900. In that year he began manufacturing under his own name as a partner in the Haarmann & Derichs Structural Iron Works, but soon purchased his partner’s interest and continued the business under the firm name Haarmann & Son. A very successful business was conducted as a firm until 1913, when he incorporated as S. Haarmann & Company (Inc.), of which he is president and treasurer. The present plant of the company on Commercial street Holyoke was erected in 1909, but additions have been made constantly. The company are manufacturers of structural steel and other building material and employ about forty men and ship their product to all the New England States, New York, and New Jersey. Mr. Haarmann is a thorough master of his business from a practical standpoint, a wise executive and a capable manager.

Mr. Haarmann married (first) in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Antowith Hahnamann, who died in 1892, daughter of Frank Hahnamann. He married (second) in 1892, Ulrika Taushor, born in Saxony, Germany, daughter of Frank Taushor. The only child of Gustav and Antowith (Hahnamann) Haarmann is a son, Frank, born December 14, 1890, educated in the Holyoke Public Schoolc, now superintendent of the plant of C. Haarmann & Company (Inc.). Gustav and Ulrika (Taushor) Haarmann are the parents of two sons: 1. Gustav (2), born November 4, 1894; educated in Holyoke schools; now a bookkeeper in the employ of C. Haarmann & Company (Inc.); he married, December 26, 1914, Albertina, daughter of F. X. Dansereau of Holyoke; they have one daughter Reta, born March 29, 1917. 2. Frederick, born September 12, 1898.

From the Encyclopedia of Biography, By William Richard Cutter, American Historical Society, 1916.

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