New Church at Holyoke

by Laurel | August 4th, 2009

August 4, 1899, Page 3
Attractive Structure Being Built on Jackson Street by the German Lutheran Society.

German Lutheran Church at Holyoke

German Lutheran Church at Holyoke

The members and friends of the German Lutheran church in Holyoke are looking forward with much anticipation to the occupancy of the fine new church that is now being built to replace the old one, burned at the time of the blizzard last winter. The plans are by G. P. B. Alderman of Holyoke, and call for a structure costing about $25,000. It is to be built of brick, with brownstone trimmings of the usual Gothic church style, and having a spire about 130 feet in height. A large part of the money has already been raised for the church building, which will contain seating space for 300 in the auditorium and 100 in the galleries, and under its roof will be a chapel with a seating space for 300 and rooms for the occupancy of the pastor and his family.

The main entrance to the church will be on Jackson street, and the doors will be three in number, leading to a corridor, which in turn leads to the auditorium by three entrances. The interior finish will be in ash. The organ will be located in the rear of the church, and at the front will be the platform and pulpit, with anterooms on each side. Back of the auditorium, and running at right angles to it, is the chapel, part of which can be used as a school-room. Over this are the rooms for the use of the pastor and his family. It is not expected that the church will be ready for occupancy until late in the fall, possibly not until December 1.

Extracted from The Springfield Republican.

8 Responses to “New Church at Holyoke”

  1. Verna Kaifer says:

    I Thank You for this e-mail !!! I was brought up here!!!!!

  2. Harold Renner says:

    This church served us until 1955 when we moved to Northampton Street. It was a beautiful gothic structure. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Barbara Daunheimer says:

    Is this the church where Ed and Dorothy were confirmed? I think I remember Ed talking about Jackson St.

    Very interesting! Thanks for forwarding it!

  4. I remember Pastor Menzel and my confirmation at this church.

  5. Ginger Bischoff Piehl says:

    Many, many pleasant memories are connected with this church, thank you.

  6. Edward Thiebe says:

    My family grew within this church. I can still hear the congregation singing, Pastors Steup and Menzel preaching, Mr Gilhoff in ‘german school’. I remember the Walter League, Boy Scout troop, Mountain Park church picnics and the comradship of the congregation.
    Thanks for the memories.

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