Naturalization Court Makes 295 Citizens

by Laurel | June 28th, 2010

June 28, 1923

Springfield and Holyoke Supply Promising Material — Judge Richard Irwin Presides.

The naturalization sitting of superior court, Judge Richard W. Irwin presiding, ended yesterday after 295 had been admitted to citizenship, 215 in Springfield and 80 at Holyoke. The applicants admitted at the Holyoke sitting are as follows: —

David Laman, Wojeiech P. Kania, Lawrence Mokrzycki, Theodore J. Langlois, Elizabeth J. Moorhead, Charles Lines, Edydar Courchaine, Alphone Morrissette, Ovila Cote, Charles Dillon, Jerry Devine, Sarah Hyslop Moorhead, Marcy C. Murdoch, Lena E. Kane, Adolph Seney, Hermas Lariviere, Greenwood Bentley, Della A. Mahoney, Ernest J. Labrarre, Ella Young, Denise Caron, Annie R. Wright, Mary T. Kane, May B, B, Greenlaw, Mary J. R. Lemaire, Bridie T. Palmer, John Gilmore, Joseph Gauthier, Emil A. Gauthier, Joseph T. Goulet, Joseph Brault, Maxime Goulet, Oscar A. Begin, Peter J. Carey, Joseph O. Laflamme, Gelore G. Beaufrault, Michael J. Woods, Joseph Miller, James J. Doherty, Anthony J. Padden, Johanna M. Bowler, Catherine M. Bowler, Nellie T. Shea, Nellie Bowler, Lizzie McGregor, Annie Young, Philomena M. Philbert, Jane Hay, Margaret Donoghue, Bessie Donoghue, Katherine M. Sullivan, Sarah A. L. Hughes, Mary J. Bresnahan, Adelard J. Corbeil, Margaret D. Stevenson, Alfred Langlois, Edauard L. J. Crailfre, John Fosko, Giovanni Lamanna, Edward Debuck, Rose Barowsky, Martin K. Parsighlan, John N. Nickelaidas, Henry J. Sabourin, Wilfred LaBrecque, Jozef Mocarski, Louis Walz, Paolo Catalano, Leonell Mazzolini, William Schott, Daniel Renner, Adolf Lapinski, Andro Glinski, Paul H. Blaurock, Karl G. Kuehner, Lawrence Gacek, Abndrew Orsini, Peter Petri, Josef Wudyka, Francois Zurlinden, Alojkzy P. Sharbek, Josephine Niedzielska, Stanley Andrew, Anthony Razukevich.

From The Springfield Republican.

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