Nine Boys Face Court, Breaks Thought Solved

by Laurel | February 5th, 2013

Lyman School, Westborough, MA

Lyman School for Boys, Westborough, MA

04 February 1932

Oldest, 19, Appeals Sentence to Concord — Six Lads in Juvenile Court

The long list of breaks which have occurred in this city since the first of the year, with the exception of one, is believed to be cleared up by the police on the arraignment in district court today of three youths, the eldest of whom is 19, and the arraignment in juvenile court of six boys, the youngest of whom is 10.

In district court Edward Moriarty, 19, of 891 Hampshire Street, pleaded guilty to four charges of larceny in a building, He was committed to the Massachusetts reformatory at Concord on the charge of entering the home of Richard W. Chase of 109 Madison Avenue on January 16 and taking one gold watch valued at $50, a woman’s watch valued at $25, three gold pins valued at $18, one bracelet valued at $3 and a man’s stickpin valued at $2.

Through his attorney, John S. Begley, he entered an appeal and was held in $2000 bail.

On the other three charges Moriarty was bound over to the May sitting of the grand jury. The other charges were, January 14, $9.75 from the home of Mrs. Rupert Pease of 18 View Street; January 13 from the home of Fred G. Smith at 56 Suffolk Street, a gold watch valued at $100, a gold clock valued at $35, a camera valued at $10 and a cigar lighter valued at $2; January 17, from the home of S. R. Arnold of 86 Rdgewood Avenue, a woman’s wrist watch valued at $55 and another watch valued at $11.

With Moriarty on two of these breaks was Philip Carlton, 17, of 917 Dwight Street and he pleaded guilty to charges of entering the Pease and Smith homes. He was committed to the Concord reformatory. Sentence was suspended until 1934. Two other members of the same gang were arraigned in juvenile court and they received suspended sentences of two years at the industrial school at Shirley. They live in the Ward 5 section of the city.

Clement Belanger, 18, of 310 Main street was arraigned on a charge of larceny in a building. He entered a plea of not guilty and his case was continued to Monday for arraignment. He is charged with entering the store of Felix Fortier and taking a quantity of cigars, cigarettes and candy. The police say that he is of the South Holyoke gang and was not affiliated with members of the other gang arraigned. Three others of the same gang were arraigned in juvenile court and one was committed to Shirley.

The other two received suspended sentences, one to Shirley school and the other to the Lyman school. A youngster, 10, believed to have been responsible for the theft of pocketbooks from church pews in the Sound end and the larceny from parked automobiles, was also before the juvenile court and his case was continued for a week in order that the police may investigate further.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

Note: The Lyman School for boys, a “reform school” was located in Westborough, Massachusetts. Read more about the history of the Lyman School. The Shirley Industrial School was in Shirley Massachusetts, more about it here.


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