The Many Clubs of Holyoke — The Home Club

by Laurel | March 27th, 2013

04 October 1903

The Home Club was one of the first to begin its work this season, meeting a week ago Friday with Mrs. H. N. Flower. Its program this year is a mixed one, with considerable about woman and her held of work. Mrs. Harriet C. Nash is president, Mrs. M. Elizabeth Morton vice-president, and Mrs. Katharine Hastings secretary and treasurer. The seasons topics follow:

October 9, hostess, Mrs. Jessie Craig; “Well regulated home,” Mrs. Nellie O. Sinclair; current events, Mrs. Harriet N. Flower.
October 23, hostess Mrs. R. P. Kelton: “Home industries in the Connecticut Valley,” Mrs. C. Irene Cook; current events, Mrs. Ella G. Partridge.
November 6, hostess, Mrs. H. M. Allen: “The rise and fall of Spain as a political power,” Mrs. Sarah Wilcoxen; current events, Mrs. M. Elizabeth Morton.
November 20, hostess, Mrs. G. Buchanan; “St. Petersburg,” Mrs. Ella S. Brainerd; current events Mrs. Albion R. Blanchard;
December 4, hostess, Mrs. Ella G. Partridge; “Food,” Mrs. Hattie M. Allen; current events, Mrs. R. F. Kelton.
December 18, hostess, Mrs. Nellie O. Sinclair; “Progress in astronomical science,” Mrs. Agnes J. Wyllie; current events, Mrs. Nary Webster.
January 1, annal meeting; hostess, Miss Mary E. Ford; roll-call; “Quotations from women authors — women at home,” Mrs. Hannah Walch; in Christian work, Mrs. R. F. Kelton; as authors, Miss Lorraine Van Wagenen; in medicine, Mrs. Allan Blanchard; on the platform, in the drama, Mrs. Grace Buchanan; discussion, “Is college education desirable for women?
January 15, hostess, Mrs. C. Irene Cook; “An afternoon with Shakespeare,” Mrs. Harriet Nash; current events, Mrs. Lydia A. Holbrook.
January 29, hostess, Mrs. Jennie C. Phelps; “Artists of England,” Mrs. Lila S. Gaylord; current evens, Miss Jessie Craig;
February 12, hostess, Mrs. M. Webster; “American art: Its beginnings, its progress,” Mrs. Lydia Holbrook; current events, Mrs, Emma E. Waite.
February 26, hostess, Mrs. E. Morton; lecture subject to be announced; current events, Miss Mary E. Ford.
March 11, hostess, Mrs. Harriet Nash; “An afternoon with Eugene Field,” Mrs. Charlotte Livermore; current events, Mrs. Agnes Wyllie.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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