Named Holyoke Apartment Buildings, 1950

by Laurel | December 13th, 2013


The Essex, corner of Essex and Chestnut Streets

The Essex, Corner of Essex and Chestnut Streets, from Microsoft maps, 2009. I keep forgetting to check if the building is still there.
The Barlow, found in the list below, is directly across the street.

I’ve always enjoyed named buildings, especially apartment buildings. A name offer a point of contemplation in terms of for whom and/or what they were named and who may have been their builder. Seeing names in brick and masonry is an added bonus.

This is a compilation from the 1950 Holyoke City Directory of named apartment buildings and their addresses. It likely an incomplete list. The Essex (see the image)– corner of Chestnut and Essex Streets (situated pretty much across the street from the Barlow) — is not on the list and I think it would have still been a viable working building in 1950).

I’m sure there are others you can think of too — feel free to add them with the location in the comments if you have a moment.

Abby, The, 720 Dwight St.
Acton, The, 263 Elm St.
Akeroyd, The, 31 Beacon Ave.
Alba, The, 470 Maple St.
Albert, The, 305 Elm and 143-145 Sargeant St.
Alderman, The, 177-187 Beech St.
Alpine, The, 123 Pine St.
Amelia, The 123 Walnut St.
Andre, The, 341 Chestnut St. and 57-61 Franklin St.
Arlington, The, 294-298 Elm St.
Armand, The 413 Maple St.
Arzelia, The, 445 Appleton and 182 Oak Sts.Aurose, The 131-133 Sargeant St.
Barlow, The 117 Essex St.
Beachwood, The, 321-323 Beech and 171 Sargeant Sts.
Belfort, The, 107 Park St.
Bellevue, Le, 71 Cabot St.
Belvedere, The, 76-84 Hampshire St.
Blackstone, The, 31 Franklin St.
Blanchard, The, 108-110 Sargeant St.
Blenheim, The 171 – 178 Cabot St and 235-238 Elm St.
Bona, The 480 Maple St.
Brussel, The, 25 Clinton Ave.
Cabot, The, 160-164 Cabot St. and 255 Chestnut St.
Cain, The, 8 Allyn St. and 413-415 Pleasant St.
Cambria, The, 378 Appleton St.
Cambria, The 180 Walnut St.
Cambria, The 378 Appleton St. and 180 Walnut Sts.
Cambridge, The, 1-3 Ferguson Pl.
Carlton, The, 195-197 Chestnut St.
Charon, The, 652-654 South Bridge St.
Churchill, The, 462 Maple St.
Clinton, The, 317 Chestnut St. and 132-136 Sargeant St.
Colonial, The, 159 Essex and 211 Walnut St.
Commodore, The, 461-463 Appleton St.
Doric, The, 825 High St.
Dwight, The, 1037 Dwight St.
Edwina, The, 57 Center St. and 55 Mosher St.
Elm Ridge, The, 101 Elm St.
Elm, The, 140 Elm and 1-3 Sonoma Place
Elmwood, The, 433 Elm St. and 6 Wolcott St.
Elmwood, The 283 Elm St.
Ena, The, 61 Bowers St.
Ewing, The, 34 Clinton Ave.
Fontaine, The, 139 Chestnut St.
Genna, The, 738 Dwight St.
Gilbert, The, 214 Pine St.
Girard, The, 329 Beech St.
Glutney, The, 480-484 Chestnut St. and 107-109 Jackson St.
Griswold, The, 263 Maple St.
Hampshire, The, 110 Hampshire St. 289 Walnut St.
Harvey, The, 59 Bowers St.
Highland, The, 909 and 915 Hampden St.
Hobert, The, 184 – 388 Appleton St.
Holden, The, 416 Appleton St.
Holyoke, The, 317 Appleton and 293 Maple St.
Honorine, The, 59 Mosher St.
Howard, The, 242-248 Maple St.
Hubert, The, 28 North East St.
Ideal, The, 215-217 Essex St.
Irene, The, 301 Elm St.
Isabelle, The, 783-787 Dwight St.
James, The, 8 Laurel St.
Jean Apts, 280-284 Oak St.
Jeannette, The, 284 Elm St.
Jefferson, The, 229-231 Chestnut St.
Jerome, The, 170 Elm St.
Josepha, The 45 Mosher St.
Justine, The, 41-43 Mosher St. and 50 West St.
Knowlton, The, 272-274 Elm St and 75-89 Hampshire St.
LaFrance, The, 575-577-581 and 589 Pleasant St.
Laurel Hall, 95-97 Brown Ave. and 2-6 Laurel St.
Laurette, The, 138-144 Linden St.
Laurier, The, 278-280 Pine St. and 116 Hampshire St.
Lawnview, The, 310 Maple St.
LeBellevue, 98 Park St.
Leonard, The, 101 Park St.
LeVoltigeur, 65 Ely St. and 13 Ely Court
Liberty, The, 4 Locust St.
Linden The, 95 Linden St.
Lionel, The, 239 East Dwight St and 151 West St.
Lorraine, The 102 Linden St.
Lotus, The, 145-149 Essex St. and 212 Walnut St.
Lovett, The, 145 Cabot St. and 370-372 Maple St.
Lucille, The, 61 ½ Center St.
Majestic, The, 247-257 Maple St.
Manchester, The, 720 Hampden St. and 5-7 Miller Ave.
Maurice, The, 564 Appleton St. and 567 Pleasant St.
Melrose, The, 291 Elm St.
Moore Block, 154 Walnut St.
Navarre, The, 26 Mosher St. and 33 West St.
Noella, The, 94 Jackson St. and 506 Maple St.
Normand, The, 279 Elm St. and 90-94 Hampshire St.
Oak Center, The 196-200 Oak St.
Oak, The, 204 Oak St.
Oak Wood, The, 188 Oak St.
Oakland, The, 429-431 Appleton St., 173 Beech St. and 287 Elm St.
Octo Apartments, The, 69 High St.
Odell, The, 452 Appleton St. and 177 Oak St.
Oreal, The, 288 Elm St.
Parkview, The, 859 Main St.
Pine, The, 185 Pine St.
Plaza, The, 104-106 Linden St.
Princeton Apartments, The, 2 – 4 Ferguson Place
Quirk, The, 277 Suffolk St.
Randolph, The, 199-201-203 Chestnut St.
Richmond, The, 464 Maple St.
Rita, The, 150-156 Linden St.
Riverview, The, 354 Hampden St.
Robinson, The, 325 Appleton St. and 174 Chestnut St.
Rome, The, 6 Temple St.
Ronald, The, 106-107 Elm St.
Roosevelt, The, 302 Elm St.
Rosamond, The, 1-3 Beacon Ave and 505-507 Pleasant St.
Rose, The, 150 East Dwight St.
Rosewood, The, 288-190 Oak St. and 177 Sargeant St.
Rosalyn, The, 156 Oak St.
Rutland, The, 173-177 Elm St.
Scott, The, 297 Elm St.
Sonoma, The, 142 Elm St and 2-4 Sonoma Place
Sparneck, The, 44-48 Hamilton St.
Strathmore, The, 440 Appleton St.
Suffolk, The, 109 and 115 Suffolk St.
Urania, The, 690 – 702 Dwight St.
Victoria, The, 64-68 High St.
Virginia, The, 449-452 Appleton St. and 175 Oak St.
Wallace, The, 17 – 21 Allyn St. and 146-148 Pearl St.
Warren Chambers, 279-283 Maple St.
Wellington, The, 934 Dwight St.
William, The, 41-45 Wolcott St.
Wilson Block, 100-104 Hampshire St.
Wilson, The, 23 Essex St. and 68 Newton St.
Winchester, The 4 – 6 – 8 – Brooks Ave.
Winona, The 472-474 Maple St.

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