Post Office Catches Up On Christmas

by Laurel | December 26th, 2013

26 December 1921

Holyoke Postmark

Opening of Office For Few Hours Yesterday Lightens Work For Men Today

Opening of a parcel post window from 4 in the afternoon to 8 last night proved a beneficial move in the plan of Postmaster T. J. Costello to keep mail on the move so as not to add to burdens of clerks and delivery men. They will have a hard enough job as it is today delivering many belated packages. Through special delivery messengers hundreds of persons were enabled to receive Christmas presents just at the right time yesterday. Although crowds of preceding days were lacking in the post-office corridors, enough business was furnished to keep several employees on the jump.

Gray-clad carriers who worked late Saturday night sorting piles of mail-stuffs  will shoulder heavy burdens this morning. The parcel postmen will still disgorge many loads, though they lightened freight a bit by the extra deliveries yesterday.

From The Springfield Republican.

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