Need Help With Walker Family of Holyoke & South Hadley

by Laurel | February 13th, 2014

13 February 2014

George Walker, High School Yearbook Image, 1933

George Walker, High School Yearbook Image, 1933

Your help is needed!! I  have tried this before, but it is worth trying again.

Looking for connections to the Walker – Houston line(s) who emigrated to the U.S. from Scotland. If you are related the anyone outlined below, I would be very interested in hearing from you. And if you are a genealogy research enthusiast, it may benefit you greatly as well, since I am connected to a larger group that has compiled a rather impressive family history. I have contributed some of the western Massachusetts genealogy to the group, though I hardly have a complete picture. The folks in Scotland are very interested in providing a complete picture of the descendant generations and would love to hear from family who might be able to provide details, photos, etc to help complete the picture. I am certain that in return you would find it interesting to meet, virtually at least, your cousins.

The contacts I am hoping to make are with the descendants of the two families outlined below. So, a little bit about the family:

Daniel Houston (b. 1851) and his wife Isabella Gow (b. 1855) arrived in Holyoke from Scotland. They had 9 children, and all of the children were Scotland born and came to the U.S. I am only going to focus on two of the children, those that have the Walker affiliation. And, full disclosure here, this Houston family has no relationship at all with the Houston-Ely family of Holyoke. Daniel Houston, was my great-grandmother’s brother, making him my great-granduncle, and this describes how I connect to the family.

What makes this interesting is two siblings, a son (Alexander C. Houston) and daughter (Agnes R. Houston) married two siblings in the Walker family, Alexander Houston m. Jennie R. Walker and Agnes Houston married David W. Walker. While they lived in Holyoke for a time (as did some of their descendants) they eventually moved to South Hadley.

The children of David W. Walker (1877-1956)  and Agnes R. Houston (1877-1950) are below along with their spouses, if known. I am hoping to connect with the children or grandchildren of the following people — but I would be happy to hear from anyone with any connections.William Walker b: 13 Aug 1904 in Scotland
Isabelle Gow Walker b: 21 Aug 1905 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA, d: Jun 1984
+Walter Snow
David Frank Walker b: 18 Apr 1907 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA, d: 23 Feb 1957
+Irene M. Lynch
Margaret Watson Walker b: 22 Jun 1909 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA d: 15 Mar 1996
+Arthur A Morin b: 13 Jan 1918 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA d: 04 May 1990
Alexandria Houston Walker, b: 16 Dec 1910 d: 11 Jul 2000
+James W. Merrill b: 03 Nov 1910 in Washington D.C. d: 14 Nov 1991
Walter Walker b: 02 Sep 1912, d: Sep 1984
Annie Agnes Walker b: 23 Jul 1913
+Joseph Meade
George Walker b: 06 May 1915 d: 23 Nov 1936 in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA. You may recall I posted an article about George Walker and his sad death a couple of years ago (see photo above).

The children of Alexander C. Houston (1885 – 1971) and Jennie R. Walker (1886-1967) are below along with their spouses, if known. I am hoping to connect with the children or grandchildren of the following people — but I would be happy to hear from anyone with any connections.

William Walker Houston b: 02 Sep 1909 d: 06 Nov 1988 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut
+Janet R  Potts b: 18 Sep 1908 in Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts d: 08 Feb 2002
Margaret Houston b: Abt. 1912 d: 05 Apr 1920 in MA
Isabelle Houston b: Abt. 1913 d: 31 May 2004
+Robert H Walker b: 30 Aug 1912 in MA d: Jun 1969
*2nd Husband of Isabelle Houston:
+Henry Willette m: Bet. 1967 – 1971
David W Houston b: 31 Dec 1914 d: 02 Sep 1984 in South Hadley, MA
+Margaret Dorothy Wilson b: 24 Apr 1917 in MA d: 31 Jan 2005 in MA
Jennie Houston b: Apr 1917 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA d: 24 Sep 2006 in South HadleyMA
+Roger E Turgeon b: 27 Sep 1909 in MA d: 1988
Alexander Carmichael Houston b: 21 Jul 1919 d: 25 Apr 1989
+Elinor R Wilson b: 02 Feb 1921 in Holyoke,  MA d: 01 Jan 1972 in Chicopee, MA

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, in the comments section here on this blog, or email me directly at this address: Holyoke [at] gmail [dot] com. And thanks for looking!


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