Holyoke Snippets — 17 July 1895

by Laurel | September 4th, 2014

17 July 1895

Logging in Holyoke

Logging in Holyoke
Connecticut River

Judge Pearsons finished yesterday the cases of the men who have attacked the employees of the Dean steam-pump shops. There were many witnesses in court and the case was gone unto exhaustively. The men tried were Thomas McHugh and Patrick Mullen and the former was fined $30 on three counts and the latter $40 on three counts. This will end the matter for the present, although it is understood that the police have been looking after other men who committed assaults on the workmen. Anton Furst, J. S. Brainard, Henry Dugay, Edward Hynds and Napoleon Lewiston were fined $10 for drunkenness and the latter paid $5 additional for unlawfully driving a horse.

Wallace J. Blanchard of Holyoke and Carrie E. Baldwin of Springfield will be married today.

The annual log drive has begun to arrive, and the river above the boom is thick with the logs.

A number of families who have lived in the block at the corner of Union and Prospect Streets have recently moved out because of a fear that the cable tower is not strong enough to bear the weight of the cables and the loads that will be put on it them. The block is owned by Charles Lemieux, and the tower stands across Prospect Street from it, while the guy-ropes and cables will pass over it, to the anchorage at the corner of Fountain and Union Streets, The city authorities gave permission to the company to put up the cable-tower and the anchorage on the assurances that due care would be taken to avoid accidents, and that the company would repair any damage that might result. The company agreed with Lemeiux to be responsible for any damage that might come to his block by reason of the cables breaking. He is indifferent as to the loss of his tenants and expects that the contractors will settle for damage sustained by the lost rental. The exerted tenants evidently do not care who pays for the rent either. The tower s carefully constructed, and the only strain that comes on it is that of compression, as it is supported by guy-ropes on three sides. In spite of the fear of the families in the block beneath, the work of hoisting the cables goes on every day. One steel cable has been carried across and a second is started.

Holyoke, 1911

Holyoke, 1911 — At the bottom is Prospect Park (now called Pulaski Park). Union Street runs between Prospect and Lyman Streets between and parallel to Front and High Streets.
Click to enlarge image for better viewing.

2014 Map of Holyoke

2014 Map of Holyoke — You can see the changes in the streetscape in this area.

There was a rumor prevalent yesterday that another accident had taken place at the new dam and that one workman sustained a broken leg. Inquiry at the office of the Water-Power Company failed to substantiate the story.

The funeral of Pliney C. Whitney will be held at 34 Birch Street, South Hadley Falls, this afternoon and the burial will be at the Elmwood Cemetery. Rev. Dr. E. A. Reed will officiate.

The Hadley Thread Company gave a contract yesterday to Henry Winkler to lay 2000 feet of sewer around the block. The sewer will be laid in Lyman and Center Streets and the alleys between blocks and will empty into the Lyman Street Sewer. There have been no water-closets on the premises and the company will put in about 125 of them. The plumbing work will be done by Kennedy and Sullivan.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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