History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

The Franklin Paper Company.

The mill belonging to this company was built in 1866 by the present owners, who were then as now respectively president and treasurer of the company, the nominal capital being fixed at $60,000. The building is three stories in height. In the upper story is a rag-room, with a thrasher, duster, and a Sturdevant blower. The north end of the next floor is occupied by the engine room, which contains eight 450-pound and one Jourdan engines, The south end is used as a finishing-room, and has two of the Holyoke Machine Company's web super-calenders, the trimming presses, and two Hammond cutters. The 62-inch Fourdrinier is in a wing on the north side of the mill. Another addition in the rear contains a 3-ton bleach-boiler and one 4-foot steam boiler. The company formerly manufactured for great quantities of collar paper, and at one time used for its cloth-lined paper 1,000,000 years of muslin annually. since 1876 the mill has manufactured fine book, writing, ad envelope paper, white, tinted, and colors; employs sixty presses, capacity, three tons per day. Calvin Taft, president; Jas. H. Newton, Treasurer and Agent.

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