History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

The Union Paper-Manufacturing Company.

Was organized in 1870, with a capital of $200,000 by Henry and Edwin Dickinson and J.E. Taylor, formerly of the firm Greenleaf & Taylor, Springfield. The company purchased the property of the Bemis Paper Company at Holyoke, and began with D.D. Warren as president and J.E. Taylor as treasurer, and the Messrs. Dickinson as agents. The buildings were found to be too small for the business of the new company, and large additions both in machinery and buildings were made.

The main building of the mill is 200 feet long and three stories high, not including the basement and attic. The two upper rooms are used as rag-rooms, and contain one 6-feet and two 4 1/2-feet Holyoke dusters. The engine room is on the south end of the room beneath the rag-rooms, and contains ten engines of 600 pounds' capacity each. The north end is used as a finishing-room, and is furnished with several sheet calenders and two trimming presses, and the lofts of that portion of the building are used for the drying of papers. There is one L built at right angles to the main building. The north half of L, which is three stories and an attic high, contains three drying lofts, occupying the upper stories; the lower floor, being devoted to finishing, packing, and the offices is occupied by the machines,—two Fourdriniers, 62 and 72 inch respectively. In addition on the river side are the two 3-ton bleach boilers and the three 4 1/2-feet steam boilers. There are on the premises two smaller buildings entirely separate from the main mill; one of these is used as a repair-shop, while the other, on a siding of the Connecticut River Railroad, receives the stock.

This company manufactures fine writing and collar paper. Capacity, three tons per day. D.D. Warren is President of the company; H. Dickinson, Agent and Treasurer; E. Dickinson, Selling Agent.

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