History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

Wauregan Paper Mills

The Wauregan Paper Company.

This new and complete mill called the "Wauregan," is owned by Mr. James H. Newton, ad was built in 1879. It is a large brick building located on Dwight Street. The finishing rooms are 45 by 82 feet, machine-room 30 by 120 feet, engine-room 46 by 114 feet, size-room 25 by 36 feet, rag boiler building 20 by 33 feet, stock-house 25 by 80 feet.

The first floor is occupied by the finishing-rooms and offices. Here are three web calenders, three stock-cutters, one trimmer, and salting tables. On the second floor are salting tables, store-rooms and offices for rental. The machine-room has an 84-inch Fourdrinier, warranted to run smooth and true at the rate of 200 feet per minute. Here also are ten 3-feet dryers and one stock calender. The engine-room contains wire drawers, shafting, etc. There are six rag-engines of 1000 ton capacity each, and two Jourdans. On the next floor are the rag-rooms, where are dusters, two rag-cutters, salting tables, etc. The attic is devoted to storage and rag whipping, and contains a Sturdevant blower. Capacity, five tons per day of fine book, envelope, and writing paper, white and tinted. Employ 100 persons. Five millpowers, equal to 325 horse-power.

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