History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

The City of Holyoke,
First Officers.

The act to establish the city of Holyoke passed the House of Representatives March 28, 1873, the Senate April 4, 1873, and was signed by the Governor, W.B. Washburn, April 7th. The first officers of the city were as follows:

Mayor.—W.B.C. Pearsons.
Aldermen.—William Grover, Henry A. Chase, August Stursberg, John R. Wright, John O'Donnell, George W. Prentiss, and James F. Allyn.
Common Councilmen.—President, Charles H. Heywood; Ward One, William Ruddy, Curtis Moore, James Ruddy; Ward Two, Charles B. Harris, Sanford F. Stebbins, George W. Burditt; Ward Three, Martin Lawlor, Frederic Kreimendahl, Mathew Welsh; Ward Four, Henry G. Pierce, Alvin C. Pratt, William D. Higgins; Ward Five, Maurice Lynch, Jeremiah A. Sullivan, John O'Connell; Ward Six, Timothy Merrick, Charles H. Heywood, John Darling; Ward Seven, Henry A. Pratt, Reuben Winchester, Roswell M. Fairfield.
City Clerk.—Edwin A. Ramsay.
Clerk of Council.—Charles W. Rider.
Messenger.—John H. Clifford.
Treasurer.—Charles W. Ranlett.
Superintendent of Streets.—Daniel O'Connell.
Engineer.—Thomas W. Mann.
Solicitor.—Edwin W. Chapin.
Physician.—Charles O. Carpenter.
Assessors.—Amos Henderson, James E. Delaney, John E. Chase.
Collector.—Amos Andrew.
Overseers of Poor.—Mayor, President of Council, W.A. Judd, J.P. Sullivan, Robert Heubler; Mayor, Chairman; Sullivan, Secretary; and Judd, Alomner.
City Agents Holyoke and Westfield Railroad.—Chas. W. Ranlett, Ezra H. Flagg, August Stursberg, E.H. Ball, James E. Delaney.
Water Commissioners.—J.P. Buckland, Dennis Higgins, J.G. Smith.
Chief of Police.—William G. Ham.
Police Court.—Joseph P. Buckland, Standing Justice; W.B.C. Pearsons and Porter Underwood, Special Judges.

The following is a list of the mayors, aldermen, councilmen, and clerks from 1874 to the present time:

Mayor.—W.B.C. Pearsons.
Aldermen.—Ward One, William Grover; Ward Two, H.A. Chase; Ward Three, Matthew Welsh; Ward Four, John H. Wright; Ward Five, Edward O'Connor; Ward Six G.W. Prentiss; Ward Seven, J.F. Allyn.
Clerk.—E.A. Ramsay.
Common Councilmen.—President, C.H. Heywood; Ward One, John Moore, James Ruddy, William Ruddy; Ward Two, C.B. Harris, Fred Morrison, G.H. Smith; Ward Three, Richard Gilday, F. Kreimendahl, Henry Winkler; Ward Four, S.J. Donahue, Peter McKeon, E.A. Newton; Ward Five, B.F. Bigelow, D.H. Donoghue, J.R. Donoghue; Ward Six, John Delaney, C.H. Heywood, Timothy Merrick; Ward Seven, Horace Brown, Chester Strong, Reuben Winchester.
Clerk.—C.W. Rider.
City Clerk.—E.A. Ramsay.
Messenger.—J.H. Clifford.


Mayor.—W.B.C. Pearsons.
Aldermen.—Ward One, William Ruddy; Ward Two, C.B. Harris; Ward Three, H. Springborn; Ward Four, S.J. Donahue; Ward Five, Maurice Lynch; Ward Six, C.H. Heywood; Ward Seven, J.F. Allyn.
Clerk.—E.A. Ramsay.
Common Councilmen.—President, G.H. Smith; Ward One, James Barnes, John Moore, A.B. Tower; Ward Two, Chalmers Chapin, G.H. Smith, E. Whitaker; Ward Three, Joseph Mellor, J.N. Thayer, J.S. Webber; Ward Four, C.D. Colson, Daniel Ford, V.J. O'Connell; Ward Five, B.F. Bigelow, Michael Downing, D.M. Manning; Ward Six, A.D. Barker, J.E. Delaney, J.H. Newton; Ward Seven, H.C. Ewing, S.T. Lyman, R. Winchester.
Clerk.—C.W. Rider.
City Clerk.—E.A. Ramsay.
Messenger.—J.H. Clifford (deceased), J.R. Howes.


Mayor.—R.P. Crafts.
Aldermen.—Ward One, M.J. Teahan; Ward two, G.H. Smith; Ward Three, H. Springborn (resigned), A. Stursberg; Ward Four, S.J. Donoghue; Ward Six, C.H. Heywood; Ward Seven, G.P. Ellison.
Clerk.—J.E. Delaey.
Common Councilmen.—President, C.D. Colson; Ward One, John Ford, Richard Pattee, C.O. Warner; Ward Two, Chalmers Chapin, F.P. Goodall, Isaac Tirrell; Ward Three, A.G. Ridout, James Stafford, J.N. Thayer; Ward Four, C.D. Colson, Michael Lynch, M.M. Mitiver; Ward Five, Michael Cleary, Stephen Maloney, D.E. Sullivan; Ward Six, E.W. Chapin, E.A. Ramsay, Porter Underwood; Ward Seven, John Merrick, Edwin Perkins, John Street.
Clerk.—C.W. Rider.
City Clerk.—J.E. Delaney.
Messenger.—J.R. Howes.


Mayor.—Hon. William Whiting.
Board of Aldermen.—Ward One, Thomas S. Grover; Ward Two, Chas. B. Harris,* Geo. H. Smith; Ward Three, A. Stursberg,† James Stafford; Ward Four, Chas. D. Colson; Ward Five, D.E. Sullivan; Ward Six, Wm. Skinner; Ward Seven, Geo. P. Ellison.
Common Councilmen.—President F.P. Goodall; Ward One, T.L. Keough, J.W. Moore, W.E. Syms; Ward Two, F.P. Goodall, Fred Morrison, Isaac Tirrell; Ward Three, A.G. Ridout, James Stafford, E.F. Sullivan; Ward Four Jas. P. Casey, T.J. Ryan, Didace St. Marie; Ward Five, Stephen Maloney, Edward O'Connor, Thomas Pendergast; Ward Six, Henry C. Cady, J.S. McElwain, Levi Perkins, Ward Seven, John Merrick, Edward Perkins, John Street.
Clerk.—Simon Brooks.
City Clerk.—James E. Delaney.
Messenger.—James R. Howes.
*Died, March 11, 1878


Mayor.—Hon. William Whiting.
Aldermen.—Ward One, William Ruddy; Ward Two, Fordyce. R. Norton; Ward Three, Henry Winkler; Ward Four, Charles D. Colson; Ward Five, Dennis E. Sullivan; Ward Six, William Skinner; Ward Seven, William S. Perkins.
Clerk.—James E. Delaney.
Common Council.—President, John O'Donnell; Ward One, Gove C. Ainslee, James Greeley, John D. Walsh; Ward Two, John E. Bronson, John B. Hart, Frank P. Goodall; Ward Three, John L. Martin, Patrick J. Sheridan, Michael J. Ryan; Ward Four, Victor Guyott, Peter McKeon, Timothy J. Ryan; Ward Five, Thomas Dillon, Michael Downing, John O'Donnell; Ward Six, Henry C. Cady, John S. McElwain; Levi Perkins; Ward Seven, Berijah H. Kagwin, Oirgen H. Merrick, Marden W. Prentiss.
Clerk.—Simon Brooks.
City Clerk.—James E. Delaney.
Messenger.—James R. Howes.

A somewhat remarkable feature in this young city is the elegance of many of the buildings, both public and private. Incorporated as a city only five years ago, it has one of the finest city-halls in the State in point of architecture and in both interior and exterior decoration. It is a granite building, delightfully located on the brow of the hill at the corner of Dwight and High streets, and is a commodious and substantial structure; the tower affords one of the most charming views of the surrounding country to be found in the Connecticut Valley.

Windsor Hotel

Windsor Hotel, Holyoke.

Holyoke House

Holyoke House, Holyoke.


Opera-House, Holyoke.

There are many excellent business-blocks, and two of the finest hotels in the State,— one the Windsor Hotel, recently erected by William Whiting, of the Whiting Paper Company, and the present mayor of the city; and the other the Holyoke House, owned by Joseph C. Parsons, of the Parsons Paper Company. The opera-house, erected by Mr. Whiting, and connected with the Windsor Hotel, is one of the handsomest opera-houses in the country, and is very complete in all of its appointments.

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