History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

Civil Organization.

The town of Holyoke was set off by the General Court in 1850, and on the 14th of March of that year was organized as a town, with its present boundaries. The following is a list of the selectmen from the organization of the town until 1874, the date of incorporation of the city.


1851.—Fayette Smith, Hervey Chapin.
1852.—Alexander Day.
1853.—Hervey Chapin, Daniel Bowdoin, Albert Graves.
1854.—Chester Crafts, Austin Ely, E.H. Ball.
1855.—E.H. Ball, Hervey Chapin, Asa O. Colby.
1856.—N.W. Quint, George C. Lyon.
1857.—Russell Gilmore, Alfred White, E. Whitaker.
1858.—E. Whitaker, Henry Wheeler, Chester Crafts.
1859.—E. Whitaker, E.H. Ball, A.O. Colby.
1860.—E.H. Ball, J. Russell, D.E. Kingsbury.
1861.—J. Russell, Austin Ely, S.H. Walker.
1862.—Joel Russell, S.H. Walker, A.C. Slater.
1863-64.—W.B.C. Pearsons, Rufus Mosher, Chester Crafts.
1865.—E. Whitaker, E.H. Ball, R.S. Howard.
1866.—Porter Underwood, E.H.Ball, John C. Newton.
1867.—Chester Crafts, Edwin Chase, Rufus Mosher.
1868.—Chester Crafts, Edwin Chase, Timothy Merrick.
1869-70.—Chester Crafts, George C. Ewing, A. Higginbottom.
1871.—W.A. Judd, Charles A. Corser, A. Higginbottom.
1872.—W.A. Judd, Rufus Mosher, A. Higginbottom.
1873.-—W.A. Judd, Rufus Mosher, J. Delaney.

Representatives to the General Court.

1850, Alexander Day; 1852-53, no choice; 1854, Uba C. Slater; 1855, Joshua Gray; 1856, Alfred White; 1857, E.G. Pierce; 1859, William B.C. Pearsons; 1860, Nathan Loomis; 1861, Thomas H. Kelt; 1862, Richard Pettee; 1866, Edwin H. Ball; 1867, E.H. Flagg; 1868, S.H. Walker; 1869, Henry A. Pratt; 1870, Charles A. Corser; 1871, Roswell P. Crafts; 1872, Edward W. Chapin; 1874, J.W. Davis; 1875, E.L. Kirtland; 1876, James H. Newton, J.H. Wright; 1877, E.P. Bartholomew, J.H. Wright; 1878, T.L. Keough, Joseph Murray.

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