History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

Edward Calvin Taft

Edward Calvin Taft.

Edward Calvin Taft was born in Uxbridge, Mass., Jan. 29, 1846. His father, Calvin Taft, who now resides in the city of Worcester, Mass., was formerly a successful cotton-broker in the Southern States. Mr. Taft is a descendant of Robert Taft, who came to American from England in 1646. He was educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, and, upon leaving school, connected himself with the Franklin Paper Company of Holyoke, of which his father was president.

In 1869 his father purchased the Hampden Paper Company's mill, of which Mr. E.C. Taft took charge, and in the same year the latter organized the Albion Paper Company with a capital of $90,000, and filled the position of business agent. In 1877 they built their present mill, covering over 120,000 square feet, three stories in height, with a capacity of 3 1/2 tons of book and engine-sized flat paper per day, which amount will be largely increased upon the completion of their new mill, now in the process of erection.

In the year 1870, Mr. Taft married Miss Kate T., daughter of J.C. Parsons, Esq., and has one daughter, Lucretia P., born in 1875.

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