History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

The Prentiss Wire-Mills

The Prentiss Wire-Mills.

This business was established in 1857, by Geo. W. Prentiss, who remained sole proprietor until 1871, when he associated with himself Mr. W.W. Prentiss, who had been superintendent of the mills for ten years. William A., son of the founder, became a member of the company in 1877. This industry has grown from a comparatively small to one of the leading industries in this flourishing city. The annual product of manufactured goods during the early years was 100 tons, valued at $25,000. The present annual product is 1000 tons, valued at $250,000. In the beginning, 8 persons were employed; now 50. The present mill was erected in 1871, and the main building is 45 by 162 feet, three stories high. The L is 45 by 75 feet, two stories. The product of this establishment embraces all kinds of iron wire, particularly of the highest grades, including those varieties which require especial skill and attention in the manufacture.

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