History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

Samuel B. Allyn

Samuel B. Allyn.

Samuel Barrett Allyn was born in the township of Montgomery, Mass., Aug. 31, 1822. His father, David Allyn, Esq., of Montgomery, and Joanna Barrett, his mother were descended from the first settlers of Groton, Conn.

Mr. Allyn received his education in the schools of his native town. At the age of twenty-two he started in business, devoting the following three years to farming.

In 1847 he moved to Holyoke, Mass., and entered into partnership with his brother, Deacon Anderson Allyn, in the marketing business. Being successful, they soon engaged in the real-estate business. At the present time they are the owners of large tracts of land in and about the city of Holyoke, and have built several of the finest business blocks and over thirty dwelling-houses in the city. They have been largely interested as stockholders in many of the manufactories of the city, Mr. S.B. Allyn being for two years a director in the Holyoke Paper Company, and another year its treasurer.

In November, 1849, Mr. Allyn married Miss Sarah P. Ball. They had one daughter,--Virginia, born in November, 1850. Mrs. Allyn died in April, 1866. The daughter, after graduating at the high school, was sent to Europe to complete her education, where she remained two years. She died of consumption in 1874.

In 1867, Mr. Allyn married Miss Catherine Merrill, daughter of Daniel Merrill, Esq., of Connecticut and sister of Cela Merrill, the celebrated Hebrew scholar, of Andover. By this marriage there were born two children,--Robert Arthur, Nov. 9, 1869, and Mary Catherine, September, 1871. The mother died in January 1874.

Residence of S.B. Allyn, Holyoke, Mass

Residence of S.B. Allyn, Holyoke, Mass.

In 1875, Mr. Allyn married Miss H. Emeline Minor, of Stonington, Conn., daughter of Capt. Frank Minor, who, with his ship, was lost at sea on a voyage to the West Indies, nothing being heard from them after sailing from New York.

In early life Mr. Allyn was a Whig, but has been a Republican since the organization of that party. He has been a member of the Second Congregational Church for twenty years. In 1876 his residence was destroyed by fire, and in the same year was replaced by his present fine residence, erected at a cost of $25,000.

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