625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke



Three cups of flour; one cup of milk; one egg; one-half cup of sugar; one tablespoon of butter; two teaspoons cream tartar; one tea-spoonful of soda. — Mrs. Clifford.


One egg; one cup of milk; little salt; one-third of a cup of molasses; one cup of rye flour; one cup of wheat flour; half teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of cream tartar; beat egg; then put in milk, salt and molasses; then rye; sift soda and cream tartar through sieve with wheat flour; put pan in and have hot before putting in dough; small bit of lard in each gem pan. — M. H. Currier.

One pint of milk; one pint of flour; one pint of rye flour; half cup of sugar; three eggs; one teaspoonful of soda; two teaspoonsful cream tartar; one teaspoonful salt. — Mrs. Dr. Hubbard.


One cup of squash; two cups of milk; two tablespoonsful of butter; two tablespoonsful of sugar; two tablespoonsful of yeast; mix like biscuits, and let them rise over night. — Cora Fairchild.


One pint of sweet milk; two heaping teaspoonsful of baking powder; flour to make as thick as griddle-cakes; then add three eggs, well beaten, and a piece of butter size of an egg, melted; fry brown in waffle iron. — Mrs. H. H. Gridley.

Two cups of milk; three cups of flour; two eggs; one teaspoonful cream tartar; one half teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of melted butter. — Mrs. A. W. Esleeck.

Yolks of three eggs; one quart of milk; one-half cup of melted butter; one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder; afterwards add the whites of eggs, and flour enough to make a thin batter. — Mrs. W. B. C. Pearsons.


One egg; one-third of a cup of sugar; one and one-fourth of a cup of sour milk; two cups of graham; one-half teaspoonful of soda; salt. — Mrs. Hodge.

One cup of sweet milk; one egg; two tablespoonsful sugar; one and one-half teaspoonsful of baking powder; butter size of an egg, and a little salt; enough graham flour to make a thin batter; have gem-pans very hot and bake in a quick oven. — Mrs. F. D. Heywood.

One and one half cups of graham flour; two teaspoonsful of yeast; two and one half teaspoonsful of sugar; one teaspoonful of salt; one cup of milk; one-half cup of water. — G. A. Maxfield.

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