625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke


Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes

Cool Jackson

Allen, M. Adams, Mrs.
Allen, M. A., Mrs.
Allyn, A., Mrs.
Allyn, Agnes
Allyn, Agnes R., Miss
Allyn, Agnes R.
Allyn, Anderson, Mrs.
Allyn, G., Mrs.
Allyn, Henry, Mrs.
Allyn, Henry D., Mrs.
Allyn, S. B., Mrs.
Backus, E. C., Mrs.
Backus, Mrs.
Bagg, E. P., Mrs.
Bardwell, Georgie
Bardwell, J., Mrs.
Bardwell, Joseph, Mrs.
Barkalow, Lillian
Bartlett, E. W., Mrs.
Blodgett, F. K., Mrs.
Bond, Mrs.
Bowdoin, Mrs.
Bronson, J. E., Mrs.
Chapin, Annie
Chapin, M. L., Mrs.
Chapman, F. A.
Childs, A. H., Mrs.
Clarke, D. F.
Cleveland, Mrs.
Clifford, J. H., Mrs.
Clifford, Mrs.
Cowan, Mrs.
Currier, H. H., Miss
Currier, H. H.
Currier, M. H.
Davis, Ella M., Dr.
Davis, G. W., Dr.
Dawley, A. H., Mrs.
Delaney, Mrs.
Dickinson, G. L., Mrs.
Dougherty, J., Mrs.
Dougherty, Mrs.
Draper, A. W., Mrs.
Draper, E. L., Dr.
Eastman, Wm., Mrs.
Esleeck, A. W., Mrs.
Fairchild, Cora
Farr, Mrs.
Ford, Fanny, Miss.
Frazer, J. H., Mrs.
Frazer, J. J., Mrs.
Goldthwait, Belle
Goldthwait, G. H., Mrs.
Goldthwait, Mrs.
Gridley, H. H., Mrs.
Grout, C. H., Dr.
Hardy, J. D., Mrs.
Hayward, L. F. , Mrs.
Hemingway, C. S., Mrs.
Heywood, F. D., Mrs.
Heywood, W. H., Mrs.
Hodge, Mrs.
Holmes, H. G., Mrs.
Hubbard, Dr., Mrs.
Hubbard, J. C., Dr.
Hunter, Mary J.
Jones, A. E., Mrs.
Jones, Marie G.
Kagwin, Mary, Mrs.
Kellogg, C. M., Mrs.
Kellogg, J. E., Mrs.
Kellogg, Lulu
Kemp, W. R., Mrs.
Kemp, Mrs.
Kendall, Mrs.
Loomis, W. S., Mrs.
Loomis, William S., Mrs.
Loomis, Wm. S., Mrs.
Lyman, C. P., Mrs.
Mackintosh, J. G., Mrs.
Magna, A. G., Mrs.
Maxfield, G. A., Mrs.
McElwain, J. S., Mrs.
Meacham, J. W., Mrs.
Megrath, L. B., Mrs.
Miles, Mrs.
Miller, N. R., Dr.
Miller, Mrs.
Morse, S. S., Mrs.
Morse, Mrs.
Murlless, Mrs.
Nash, H. E., Mrs.
Nevins, A. C., Mrs.
Newell, N. C., Mrs.
Newell, W. C., Mrs.
Newton, James, Mrs.
Newton, James H., Mrs.
Newton, John C., Mrs.
Newton, Moses, Mrs.
Newton, Susie
Nickerson, Jennie, Miss
Outterson, Mrs.
Papillion, Rosa M.
Patten, J. M., Dr.
Pearsons, W. B. C, Mrs.
Perry, G. H., Mrs.
Perry, Geo. H., Mrs.
Phelps, G. A., Mrs.
Phelps, G. H., Mrs.
Pomeroy, E. J., Mrs.
Porterfield, D. H., Mrs.
Post, Mrs.
Potwin, E. H., Mrs.
Prentiss, C. H., Mrs.
Prentiss, Geo. W., Mrs.
Prentiss, M. W., Mrs.
Prentiss, Wm. A., Mrs.
Prescott, C. B., Mrs.
Ramage, J. B., Mrs.
Ranlet, C. H., Mrs.
Ranlet, C. W., Mrs.
Ranlet, F. B.
Rathburn, J. W., Mrs.
Reed, A. F., Dr.
Russell, Joel, Mrs.
Sackett, J. N., Mrs.
Sanborn, Charles, Mrs.
Sears, Mrs.
Seymour, Robert H., Mrs.
Sheldon, S. B., Mrs.
Shumway, A. L., Mrs.
Skinner, William, Mrs.
Smith, John, Mrs.
Smith, Sydney
Spencer, H. B., Mrs.
Stebbins, W. H., Mrs.
Stebbins, Mrs.
Strong, C., Mrs.
Taft, E. C., Mrs.
Topliff, M. E., Mrs.
Trask, J. L. R., Mrs.
Tuttle, A. T. Mrs., Mrs.
Tuttle, Dr., Mrs.
Tuttle, L. M., Dr.
Twing, W. G., Mrs.
Wait, A. A., Mrs.
Wait, Mary, Miss
Walker, E. H., Mrs.
Ward, Mrs.
Ward, W. W., Mrs.
Watson, Jennie
Webber, Charles C., Mrs.
Webber, J. S., Mrs.
Whitten, Mary
Whitten, N. H., Mrs.
Wiley, Mrs.
Woods, J. U., Dr.
Woods, J. U., Mrs.
Woodsum, C. H., Mrs.
Woodsum, Mrs.
Worthington, J. R., Mrs.
Young, Minnie, Miss
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