625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

The Naked Chef

Mrs. J. S. McElwain

Salad Dressing
Cottage Pudding
Birdsnest Pudding
Coffee Blanc Mange
Vanilla Snow Cream

These recipes were contributed to the cookbook by Celia Sophia Ely who was born on May 30, 1829 and died in 1912.

Celia was the second wife of J.S. (John S.) McElwain; Celia's younger sister Esther Maria Ely, born June 17, 1835 was J.S. McElwain's first wife.

Esther was the youngest daughter of Homer and Anna (Kent) Ely of West Springfield. J.S. and Esther had one child, Henry Ely, born March 31, 1859 in Springfield. Esther died in 1860.

J.S. McElwain was affiliated with the Nonotuck Paper Company and served on the Common Council in Holyoke 1878-1879. The McElwain family lived on Linden Street in Holyoke. McElwain also served on the Board of Holyoke Hospital, and active in church affairs. Photo of house is elsewhere on this site.

Special thanks to Karen McElwain Carter, a direct descendant, for providing this information.

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