625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke


Future City

A Delicate Dessert
A Delicious Dessert
A Dish of Snow
A Nice Way to Make Apple Pie
A Trick Worth Knowing
Allspice Cake
Amherst Pudding
Angel Cake
Anna Candy
Annie's Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cream
Apple Dumplings
Apple Float
Apple Fritters
Apple Pie
Apple Pudding
Apple Sauce
Apple Snow
Apples, Baked Sour
Apples, Steamed
Arrowroot Pudding
Arrowroot Pudding (II)
Asparagus, How to Cook
Asparagus, To Boil
Aunt Emily's Cake
Baked Chicken
Baked Huckleberry Pudding
Baked Mackerel
Baked Sour Apples
Barley Water
Batter Pudding
Beans, Baked
Beef or Veal Loaf
Beef Soup
Beef, Frizzled
Beef, Minced
Beef, Smothered
Beef, Spiced
Beef, Stuffed Corned
Beef, Tea, Rules for Making
Beer, Cream
Beer, Hop
Berry Pudding
Berwick Sponge Cake
Birdsnest Pudding
Biscuit, Squash
Biscuits, Cream Tartar
Black Cake
Black Fruit Cake
Boiled Custard
Boiled Eggs
Boiled Frosting
Bordeaux Sauce
Boston Brown Bread
Boston Cream Cakes
Brant Rock Cake
Bread Jelly
Bread Pudding
Bread Sauce
Bread, Boston Brown
Bread, Brown
Bread, Graham
Bread, Rye
Bread, Short
Bread, Steamed Brown
Bread, Wheat
Breakfast Dish
Bride's Cake
Broiled Chicken
Broiled Meats
Broiled Salmon
Broth, Chicken
Broth, Mutton
Brown Bread
Buiscuit, Tea
Buns, Scotch Currant
Butter Taffy
Butternut Cake
Cabbage Salad
Cabbage, Dressing For
Cabbage, Pickled Red
Cabinet Pudding
Cake, Allspice
Cake, Angel
Cake, Annie's
Cake, Apple
Cake, Aunt Emily's
Cake, Berwick Sponge
Cake, Black
Cake, Black Fruit
Cake, Brant Rock
Cake, Bride's
Cake, Butternut
Cake, Caramel
Cake, Centennial
Cake, Chocolate
Cake, Chocolate (II)
Cake, Chocolate Marble
Cake, Citron
Cake, Clove
Cake, Coffee
Cake, Corn
Cake, Corn Starch
Cake, Cream
Cake, Cream Filling for Layer
Cake, Cream Sponge
Cake, Cup
Cake, Currant
Cake, Dark
Cake, Delicate
Cake, Delicate Fruit
Cake, Delicious Lemon Jelly
Cake, Economy
Cake, English Walnut Cream
Cake, French
Cake, French Load
Cake, Fruit
Cake, Grandmother's
Cake, Harrison
Cake, Hartford Election
Cake, Hermit
Cake, Hickory Nut
Cake, Huckleberry
Cake, Ice Cream
Cake, Ice Water Sponge
Cake, Jenny Lind
Cake, Johnny
Cake, Kennebunk
Cake, Lady
Cake, Layer Jelly
Cake, Lemon
Cake, Light Tea
Cake, Loaf
Cake, Lovely
Cake, Magic
Cake, Marble
Cake, Mountain
Cake, Mrs. Mary Caris Snow's
Cake, Neapolitan
Cake, No Egg
Cake, North Carolina
Cake, Nut
Cake, Old Colony
Cake, Orange
Cake, Pearl
Cake, Piccolomint
Cake, Plain
Cake, Poor Man's
Cake, Pork
Cake, Pound
Cake, Puff
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