625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

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Pick and stone one pound of raisins, which put in a basin with one pound of currants, (well washed and dried); a pound and a half of good beef suet, chopped; three-quarters of a pound or sugar; two ounces of candied citron; six ounces of flour, and a quarter of a pound of bread crumbs, with a little grated nutmeg; mix the whole together with eight eggs and a little milk; tie in a cloth well floured, and put in boiling water and boil five hours; when done turn it out of the cloth upon the dish, sprinkle over with powdered sugar, and serve with any kind of pudding sauce to suit the taste. — Mrs. William Skinner.


One pint of milk; three eggs; seven heaping tablespoonsful of flour; heat the eggs thoroughly; stir in the flour gradually; salt; bake twenty minutes. — Mrs. C. W. Ranlet

One quart of milk; one teaspoonful of salt; four eggs, yolks well beaten; ten tablespoonsful of flour; steam two hours; add the beaten whites of the eggs just before putting on to steam; serve with it dry sauce; butter and sugar beaten to a cream with grated nutmeg on top. — Mrs. H. H. Gridley.


Peel and cut five good, sweet, juicy oranges into thin slices, taking out all the seeds; pour over them one cup of sugar; let a pint of milk get boiling hot by putting it in boiling water; add the yolks of three eggs well beaten, and one tablespoonful of corn starch, made smooth with a little cold milk; stir constantly, and as soon as it thickens pour over the fruit; beat the whites to a stiff froth, adding a tablespoonful of pulverized sugar to each white of an egg; spread on top and set in the oven a few minutes to brown. It is just as nice with peaches fresh, or canned. — Mrs. Stebbins, Mrs. E. M. R., Mrs. Dr. Hubbard.

Peel four oranges; slice very thin; lay in a deep dish; strew one cup of sugar over them; put away for an hour. Cream; one-half cup of flour; three-fourths cup of sugar; yolks of three eggs; small piece of butter; one-half teaspoonful of lemon; beat all together; add one pint of boiling milk; boil a few minutes; pour over the orange warm. Frosting; beat whites of three eggs; two tablespoonsful of white sugar; lay over the cream; brown or not; eat cold. — Mrs. J. D. Hardy.

Cut three oranges into pieces; sprinkle over it two-thirds of a cup of sugar and let stand; one pint of milk; two dessertspoonsful of corn starch; two eggs, yolks; cook like a custard; when cold put in a dish and spread over it the orange; beat the whites stiff; add two teaspoonsful of sugar and pour over last. — Miss Jennie Nickerson.


One cup of rice; two cups of water; let soak two hours; put into a steamer and as it swells add rich milk until it is done; add salt; dip your bowl in hot water; press your rice into it until full; then invert the bowl on your platter and let remain until wanted. — Mrs. A. A. Wait.

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