625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke



Two-thirds cup of tapioca; one quart of milk; four eggs; one-half cup of sugar; vanilla; heat the milk, and let the soaked tapioca boil up in it; add the beaten yolks of four eggs and whites of two; let all boil together until it thickens; when cool put over it a meringue of the remaining whites, or stir them in the custard just before serving. — Mrs. E. P. Bagg.

Soak two tablespoonsful of tapioca in a little water for two hours; boil a quart of milk with a cup of sugar in it, and when scalding hot add the tapioca, and let it come to at boil; separate the whites and yolks of three eggs; heat the yolks, and add a little cold milk; then stir into the pudding, and set it off at once; add a little salt and flavoring; beat the whites and pour over the top. — Mrs. W. G. Twing.

Three tablespoonsful pearl tapioca boiled in one quart of rich milk, in a pail placed in a kettle of water one and a half hours; put milk in cold; add yolks of four eggs; one small cup of sugar; butter size of a walnut; one-quarter of a teaspoonful of salt; cook just enough to set eggs; remove, add beaten white of one egg; flavor with vanilla; pour in glass dish; when cool beat the whites of the eggs; sweeten and cover the cream in spoonsful; add bits of bright jelly if you choose. Very nice. — Mrs. J. N. Sackett.


Soak live dessertspoonsful of tapioca in a pint of warm water three hours; bring to a boil a quart of milk in a tin pail set in a kettle of hot water; pour in the tapioca and the water in which it was soaked; bring; it to it boil again; into this stir the beaten yolks of three eggs, and one cup of sugar; let it come to a boil and cook a few minutes; pour into a dish and when cool stir in the whites of three eggs beaten to a stiff froth; flavor with lemon or vanilla. — Mrs. Cleveland.


Twelve crackers; one quart of milk; one pint of sugar; one and one-half cups of chopped suet; one cup of molasses; one spoonful salt; one nutmeg; one spoonful of cinnamon; two spoonsful of cloves; two spoonful of allspice two spoonsful of mace; two cups of raisins; two cups currants; one-quarter pound of citron; break the crackers into the milk and soak over night setting it in a cool place where it will not sour; in the morning add one cup of milk and the other ingredients; steam five hours. SAUCE; one cup of sugar; one half cup of butter; one egg; one tablespoonful of cream or one-half cup of hot milk; cream the butter and sugar; add the beaten egg; then the milk; set the dish in hot water till it is heated through; flavor to taste. — G. A. M.

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