625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Gourmet's America



One cup of sugar; one-half cup of cold water; let it boil until it is a little stringy, or about three minutes; then pour it in slowly with one well beaten egg; enough for one loaf of cake or a little more. — M. H. Currier.


One cup of granulated sugar; one half cup of boiling water; boil until it threads from a spoon; beat the white of one egg to a froth and pour in the syrup, stirring briskly. — Mrs. H. E. Nash.


Take one cup of granulated sugar, and one-quarter of a cup of water, and boil just five minutes; if it is boiled any longer it will be too hard to use; then stir until thick enough to spread nicely; flavor to taste. — Mrs. C. P. Lyman.


Four eggs; reserve the whites of two for frosting; one and one-half cups of sugar; one cup of flour; one half cup of cold water; one cup of flour with two teaspoons of baking powder; one-half cup of melted butter; after adding each ingredient beat two minutes. — Mrs. Miles.


Two cups of molasses; two cups of butter; one cup of milk; five cups of flour; four eggs; two pounds of chopped raisins; one tea-spoonful of soda. — Mrs. J. J. Frazer.


One cup of butter; two cups of powdered sugar; four eggs; all beaten together; one teaspoonful of soda; two teaspoonsful of cream of tartar dissolved in a little warm water; one teaspoonful of vanilla; about four cupsful of flour; bake in a slow oven. — Mrs. John C. Newton.

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