625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles Blue Creamer


Dissolve one tablespoonful of corn starch in a little cold water; add one cup of boiling water; when cool add one beaten egg; one lemon, (juice and grated rind); one cup of sugar; a little salt; bake in two crusts. — Mrs. Dr. Tuttle.


Grated rind and juice of one orange; yolks of three eggs; piece of butter size of a walnut; sweeten to taste; one teaspoonful of flour enough milk to fill plate; for frosting use whites of three eggs with four tablespoonsful of sugar. — Mrs. F. D. Heywood.


One pint of squash after it is sifted; one quart of milk boiled; four eggs; good cup of sugar; one teaspoonful ginger; one half teaspoonful salt; mix together, then add the milk, and the last thing one tea-spoonful essence of lemon; stir thoroughly. — Mrs. A. W. Draper.


Four crackers rolled fine; one cup of sugar; one cup of molasses one-half cup of vinegar; one half cup of cold water; two eggs well beaten; one cap of chopped raisins; one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon the same of nutmeg and salt; one-quarter of a teaspoonful of cloves; make three pies. — Mrs. J. E. Bronson.


Make the crust short, with milk and baking powder; two quarts of oysters; one pint of water; two spoonsful of flour to thicken; butter, pepper and salt; just let it come to a boil, then put in a dish and bake as chicken pie, etc. — Rosa M. Papillion.


Line the sides of a deep pot with a paste made in the proportion of one-half pound of butter to one pound of flour; then pare and slice some peaches; sugar them to your taste, and fill up the pot; cover the top with the paste, leaving an opening in the middle of the crust to permit the steam to escape while the pie is baking; bake it in a moderately hot oven, and when cold, serve it with cream. — Mrs. J. W. Rathburn.


Joint and parboil two chickens; make a paste, using three teaspoonsful of baking powder to a quart of flour, wetting the paste with cream; line the dish with the chicken; salt; pepper; small pieces of butter; add the liquor in which the chickens were parboiled, after removing the grease; cover with the paste having it well punctured.

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