625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook


Mix two tablespoonsful of Bermuda arrowroot with one cup of milk; flavor one pint and a half of milk, with any desired flavoring; put it on the fire, and when it boils, pour upon the arrowroot; stir well, and when cool, add three well beaten eggs; one tablespoonful each, of sugar and brandy; put into a well buttered mould; cover, and steam one hour and a half; then turn out upon a dish. — Dr. E. L. Draper.


Lay one dozen crackers in a dish; pour on enough boiling water to cover them; in a few minutes they will be swollen to four or five times their original size; now grate loaf sugar and a little nutmeg over them, and drop on enough cream to make a nice sauce, and you will have a simple and delicious dessert that will rest lightly on the stomach; leave out the cream and it is valuable for sick room cookery. — Mrs. Clifford.


One pint of juice; one pound of sugar; to three tumblers of this mixture add one tumbler of brandy; three teaspoonsful of allspice; press out the, juice of the berries when they are fresh; put in the sugar and let dissolve; do not put over the fire at all the lump or loaf sugar.

One teaspoonful of the nicest glycerine to a tablespoonful of water; taken for indigestion or trouble with the stomach. — Mrs. Ward.


One teaspoonful of camphor (liquid); one teaspoonful of lobelia (liquid); one teaspoonful of laudanum (liquid); two tablespoonsful of honey or loaf sugar. Dose — one teaspoonful night and morning, or when the fit of coughing is very severe. — Mrs W. R. Kemp.

One ounce of sarsaparilla; one ounce of spikenard; one ounce of comfrey root; one ounce of licorice; three quarts of water, boiled down to one and one-half quarts; strain, and sweeten with one pound of loaf sugar. — Mrs. W. R. Kemp.

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