625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

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One quart of milk; four eggs; four tablespoonsful of sugar; beat yolks and sugar, well and stir into the milk till it thickens; cool, flavor, and hour into a shallow dish, stirring it well; beat the whites of the eggs; adding two tablespoonsful of fine white sugar to each egg; beat into this enough jelly to flavor. — Mrs. Hodge.


One quart of milk; two tablespoonsful of rice; three tablespoonsful of sugar; bake until soft; stir often. — Mrs. Hodge.


To one quart of stewed apple, well mashed and sweetened, add whites of three eggs, well beaten; beat together ten minutes; add a little nutmeg; eat with rich milk or cream. — Mrs. G. H. Perry.


Whip sweetened rich cream as stiff as possible; fill the glasses half full of the juice of strawberries sweetened and strained, and pile the cream on top; then lay a strawberry on each glass. — Mrs. C. P. Lyman.


Use a rich rule of delicate cake, and bake in round tins; split the cakes and spread, first with banana cut in thin round slices, then spread over this whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with vanilla; then another layer of each on top of the cake. — Belle Goldthwait.

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