625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Miss Liberty


One pint of meat; three pints of apple; one third pint of cider; one-half pint of sugar; one-half pint of molasses; one tablespoonful of cinnamon; two-thirds tablespoonsful of cloves; one-third tablespoonful of nutmeg; two-thirds tablespoonful of salt; cook a long time to make it look black; thin with water to make it of the proper consistency. — Mrs. W. R. Kemp.

Two quarts of chopped meat; four quarts of chopped apple; two quarts of water in which the meat was boiled; two quarts of cider; two quarts of molasses; one quart of sugar; ten teaspoonsful of cassia; eight teaspoonsful of cloves; four teaspoonsful of nutmeg; two teaspoonsful of pepper; two teaspoonsful of salt; one pound of suet; two pounds of raisins. — Mrs. H. G. Holmes.


Beat your lard light as the beaten white of an egg; next add the flour and then thin with water; salt; line your plate; then sprinkle flour over this and put in another lining to be used for the upper crust; bake in a quick oven. CREAM; One tablespoonful of corn starch; throe tablespoonful of sugar; one egg; mix sugar with the corn starch; one cup of milk; salt; a small piece of butter size of a walnut; cook till thick as custard. — Cora Fairchild.

One pint of cream; sweeten to taste; one tablespoonful of corn starch or flour; a little salt; flavor with nutmeg; bake with two crusts. — Mrs. S. B. Allyn.


With only one crust; slice the apples into a pie-plate; season with sugar, nutmeg, and a bit of butter; cover with crust and bake. — Mrs. J. E. Kellogg.


Roll the under crust so that it will turn up round the edge; line your plate; then add your apples pared, and sliced very thin; a little sugar, salt, butter, cinnamon and nutmeg; two greatspoonsful of water; cover with the paste; if the apples are not acid, add one greatspoonful of vinegar to a pie. — Mrs. Joel Russell.


Line your dish with paste; then cut your apples into eighths and fill your dish; cover lightly with a top crust; bake; when it is baked, while hot remove the upper crust; put in ginger, nutmeg, and a little butter; stir this together and spread evenly in the pie; then replace the top crust. — Mrs. F. K. Blodgett.

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