625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Add'N'Weigh Scale, 6.6-Pound/3-Kilogram


One-half cup of molasses; one-half cup of milk; one-half cup of raisins, seeded, out in half; one-half cup of currants; one cup of suet, powdered; one even teaspoonful of soda; one egg; one and one-half cups of Graham flour; spice and salt to taste; boil or steam for two and a half hours. — Mrs. Robert H. Seymour.


Line a dish with sponge cake, put together with the white of an egg; one half box of gelatine in one-half pint of cold milk; put in double boiler on the stove to dissolve; when dissolved add one-half pint of cold milk and one cup of sugar; the juice and rind of one lemon; yolks or two eggs, and whites of two put in last; cook until about like custard; cool it a little, and then put in cake. — M. H. Currier.


One pint of milk; one pint of flour; one egg; a pinch of salt; pour this over six or eight apples, pared and cored; bake one hour; hard sauce. — Mrs. J. S. McElwain.


Pare and slice your apples; make a crust as for biscuit; place your apples in a dish with a trifle salt; then cover with the paste and steam one and once-half hours; when ready to serve, invert your dish on to a platter and serve with a sauce made from one cup of sugar; piece of butter size of a large egg; one greatspoonful of flour; flavor; pour on to this water, till it is thin as syrup. — Mrs. E.W. Bartlett.


Layer of sliced apples; seasoned with sugar, butter and nutmeg; then a layer of bread crumbs; one cup of water; apples last; bake and eat with sauce, or sugar and cream. — Mrs. C. P. Lyman, Mrs. E. H. Potwin.


One dozen lady fingers and macaroon cakes laid in a glass dish; blanch one-half pound of almonds and lay with the cakes in the dish pour over these a boiled custard, made of one pint of milk; four eggs; three tablespoonsful of sugar; frost, with whites of two eggs, and brown in the oven; to be served when cold. — Mrs. H. H. Gridley.


One pint of bread crumbs; one quart of milk; yolks of three eggs pinch of salt; one-half cup of sugar; rind of one lemon; bake like a custard; beat whites to a stiff froth with one-half teacup of powdered sugar; juice of a lemon; spread on pudding and brown; then spread on jelly after baked. — Mrs. A. E. Jones.

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