625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook


Shave dried beef very thin; put it in a frying pan; add milk and a piece of butter; thicken with flour, and serve immediately. — Mrs. J. E. Kellogg.


Four pounds of beefsteak chopped, raw, three eggs, eight crackers rolled, one cup of milk, a little salt and pepper, a small piece of butter; bake four hours. — Mrs. Anderson Allyn.


Three and one half pounds lean beef chopped fine; mix with it six crackers, three eggs, one and one half tablespoonsful of salt, one tea-spoonful of pepper, one nutmeg, four tabespoonsful of milk, a small piece of butter; mix thoroughly, and bake in a loaf, two hours baste with roast beef gravy. — Mrs. C. S. Hemingway.


Boil three or four pounds of veal until tender, then chop it fine and season with salt and pepper, and very little sage and very little cloves; return to the liquor you boiled the veal in, leaving only enough to moisten your chopped meat; then pour this into a square tin, set in a cool place to harden. — Mrs. E. M. R.


Three pounds of raw beef or veal chopped fine; one tablespoonful of salt; one dessertspoonful of pepper; one dessertspoonful of sage; two tablespoonsful melted butter; one half teacup of rolled crackers; bake in bread tins and slice when cold. — Mrs. Moses Newton.


Take three pounds of meat chopped fine; eight buttered crackers rolled; two eggs; one tablespoonful of pepper; little more than one tablespoonful of salt; nutmeg; butter size of an egg; mix with water not very soft; bake in a loaf about two hours in a slow oven. — Mrs. Hodge.


Three pounds of raw veal one quarter pound of salt pork, chopped fine; mix with two eggs; one cup of cracker crumbs; three teaspoonsful of salt; two teaspoonsful of pepper; one tablespoonful of sage; press hard into a pudding dish and bake two hours. — Mrs. J. J. Frazer;


Three and one-half pounds raw veal, chopped; one tablespoonful of salt; one tablespoonful of pepper; one tablespoonful of cracker crumbs; butter size of an egg; two eggs; mould into a loaf; put into a pan with a little water and sprinkle with cracker crumbs; bake two hours. — Mrs. Wm. Eastman.

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