625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Culinary Institute of America's Gourmet Meals


Place the milk in a pail and put the pail in hot water; two quarts of milk; boil one pint; when it boils stir in one cup of Indian meal; then three-quarters of a cup of molasses; remove from the fire; add salt and little cinnamon; then stir in the rest of the milk, cold, except one-half pint; butter a dish and pour this in; then pour the rest of the milk around on this without stirring; bake four hours. — Mrs. Joel Russell.


One quart of milk; three handsful of Indian meal; stir in while the milk is hot; let it cool, and add one egg; molasses to sweeten; butter half the size of an egg; cinnamon and salt to your taste; bake three-quarters of an hour. — Mrs. W. R. Kemp.


Two quarts of milk; one cup of Indian meal; one cup of molasses; two eggs; a little salt; scald the meal in one quart of milk; then add the remainder of the milk, molasses, eggs, and salt; when mixed put a little butter on top in small bits, and bake three hours. — Mrs. A. Allyn.


Four eggs well beaten; one coffee-cup of suet chopped fine; one cup of sour milk; two coffee-cups of chopped raisins; one small tea-spoonful of soda; one small teaspoonful of salt; one nutmeg; flour enough to make stiff batter; steam five hours; serve with egg sauce; this pudding is good when cold, if instead of suet you use half the quantity of butter. — Mrs. Dr. Tuttle.

One cup of molasses; half cup of butter; one cup of sweet milk; one cup of chopped raisins: five and a half cups of flour; one teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of different spices; steam two or three hours. — Mrs. E. H. Potwin.

One quart of four; half cup of molasses; half cup of shortening; one coffee cup of sweet milk; one coffee cup of chopped raisins or apples; one teaspoonful of soda; salt; spice; steam three hours or bake half an hour.


One cup of sugar; one egg; one great spoonful of butter; heat all to a froth, and add one pint of boiling water. — Mrs. J. U. Woods.

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