625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Simple Indian Cookery


Sugar two cups; butter one cup; flour three and one-half cups; milk one half cup; cream of tartar one teaspoonful; soda one-half tea-spoonful; eggs four; drop on a tin with a teaspoon, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. — Mrs. Clifford.


One cup of sugar; one half cup of butter; one-half cup of milk; one egg; one-half teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of cream of tartar; spice, stiffen, then stir cakes; drop on tins. — Mrs. Miller.


Beat to a froth three eggs and one teacupful of sugar; stir into this one heaping coffee-cupful of flour, in which one teaspoonful of cream of tartar and one-half teaspoonful of soda are thoroughly mixed; flavor with lemon; drop in teaspoonfuls about three inches apart; bake instantly in a very quick oven; watch closely, as they burn easily; serve with ice cream. — Mrs. N. C. Newell.


One cup of sugar; two-thirds cup of butter; four tablespoonsful of milk; one tablespoonful of vanilla; one egg; one and one-half teaspoonsful of cream of tartar; two-thirds teaspoonful of soda; flour enough to roll out well; roll very thin. — Mrs. E. C. Taft.


Two cups of sugar; one cup of butter; two eggs; two cups of cocoanut; small teaspoonful of soda mixed with the flour. — Mrs. W. B. C. Pearsons.


One cup of brown sugar; one cup of chopped raisins; one-half cup of butter; one egg; one-half teaspoonful of soda in a large spoonful of milk; all kinds of spice; roll thin. — Mrs. J. J. Frazer.


Four cups of flour; one and one-half cups of sugar; one small cup of butter; one-half teaspoonful of soda in one cup of sweet milk; grate in a little nutmeg; sprinkle sugar over them when ready for the oven. — Lillian Barkalow.

One-half cup of butter; one-half cup of milk; one cup of sugar; two eggs; one-half teaspoonful of soda; vanilla; flour; sprinkle with sugar before putting into the oven. — Mrs. C. S. Hemingway.


Four eggs, well beaten; one cup of sugar; sugar and eggs well beaten together; one cup of flour; one-quarter teaspoonful of soda; one-half teaspoonful of cream of tartar; bake in a quick oven. — Mrs. William S. Loomis.

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