625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Splendid Soups

One pint of canned tomatoes or six large tomatoes; add one quart of boiling water; let it boil till you can put it through the colander; soda about the size of a pea. It will foam immediately. Add one pint of sweet milk; salt, pepper and a plenty of butter; when this boils add eight small crackers, rolled fine. — Mrs. Sears, Mrs. Bowdoin.


Put the crackers on a tin and set them in the oven about ten minutes. — Mrs. Moses Newton.


Pour one quart of boiling water into a skillet; then one quart of good rich milk; stir in one tea-cup of rolled cracker crumbs; season with pepper and salt to taste. When all come to a boil, add one quart of good fresh oysters; stir well, so as to keep from scorching; then add a piece of good sweet butter about the size of an egg; let it boil up once; then remove from the fire, immediately dish up and send to table.

Take one quart of water, one tea-cup of butter, one pint of milk, two teaspoonsful of salt, four crackers rolled fine and one teaspoonful of pepper; bring to full boiling heat as soon as possible; then add one quart of oysters; let the whole come to boiling heat quickly and remove from the fire.


Cut one onion in three slices and fry in two tablespoonfuls of butter add to that two one-quart cans of tomatoes; let boil 10 minutes; pass all through a sieve; put back on the stove and season with pepper and salt; add three cups of stock, also two tablespoonfuls of sugar and two tablespoonfuls of corn-starch dissolved in a little water; just before serving, one and one half cups of boiled rice and one-half teaspoonful of soda. — Mrs. G. H. Goldthwait.


To one quart of canned tomatoes add one pint of water and one good sized onion, fried in butter. Let boil ten minutes. Remove from stove and strain through a sieve, getting all the pulp through, but not the seeds, return to the stove and add one quarter teaspoonful of soda, salt and pepper. One tablespoonful of sugar and two cups of beef stock, Let come to a boil and thicken with one heaping tablespoonful of corn-starch dissolved in a little cold water. Serve with croutons. — Mrs. H. H. Gridley.

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