625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

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Take ten potatoes, boiled and mashed, season to taste; one-quarter pound butter, an onion scalded in milk; stir the milk into the potato, then press it smoothly through a sieve, then add little more than a quart of milk; boil a minute, put a spoonful of chopped parsley into the tureen, pour soup on and serve, hot. — F. B. Ranlet.


One-quarter of a firm white cabbage, shred as for cold slaw; one small turnip, peeled and cut into small dice; one carrot peeled and cut into strips inch long straws; one teaspoonful of onion, shred fine; three raw tomatoes peeled and cut into bits; one tablespoonful of minced parsley, three stalks of celery cut into thin slices. Use a sharp knife for this work and bruise the vegetables as little as possible. When all are prepared put them in hot water enough to cover them well; throw in a teaspoonful of salt and cook gently half an hour. Clear a quart of soup stock as directed and color it with a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce. When the vegetables are tender turn them into a colander to drain, taking care not to mash or break them, throw away the water in which they wore boiled and add the vegetables to the clear, hot soup. Taste, and simmer all together gently 20 minutes before turning into the tureen. — Mrs. Robert H. Seymour.


Two slices of salt pork, cut off the rind; chop fine, put in your kettle and fry slowly till it is all a liquid; one-half dozen potatoes pared and sliced thin; two onions pared and sliced thin; one pint of clams. Place those in alternating layers, with crackers, in your kettle; a little salt, pepper, cover with boiling water and one pint of milk; boil about 20 minutes. — Mrs. A. A. Wait.


Take three or four pounds of fish for six or eight persons; cut in sections, crosswise; take five or six slices of salt pork, lay them in the bottom of the kettle and let them fry slowly till all the fat is fried out, then remove the scraps of pork, and lay in about one-third of the fish, then a layer of potatoes, then a sprinkling of chopped unions (chop two onions for the whole), then pepper and salt, and some flour dredged in so as not to lump; place in layers until the whole is used; cover with cold water and boil 15 minutes; then add half a dozen Boston crackers, split and wet in cold water; add one pint of sweet milk; boil five minutes more and serve. — Mrs. Sears.


One quart clams chopped, not very fine, cook 20 minutes in one pint water butter, size of an egg; little salt, pepper, then add one quart of rich milk and let cook two minutes. — Mrs. G. H. Goldthwait.

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