625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

San Francisco


Seven pounds of currants; four and a half pounds of sugar; one pint of vinegar; put the sugar in the vinegar when hot; when dissolved put in the currants and let them boil fifteen minutes. — J. W.


Five pounds or currants; four pounds of sugar; one pint of vinegar two tablespoonsful of cinnamon; one tablespoonful of cloves one nutmeg; boil one hour; jam the currants before boiling. — Mrs. J. D. Hardy.


Six quarts of berries; three pounds of sugar; one pint of vinegar; two dessertspoonsful of cinnamon; two dessertspoonsful of cloves; tie the spices in a bag; put all in a kettle and boil four hours; can while hot. — Mrs. N. H. Whitten.


Take a peck of green tomatoes, and a few onions sliced; let them stand in salt and water twenty-four hours; strain off the water; then boil in three quarts of vinegar until tender; take them out of the vinegar, and boil in the vinegar, mace, less of cloves, ginger, half an ounce each; one tablespoonful of pepper; one tablespoonful box mustard one-half tea cup of olive oil; two pounds of brown sugar, and pour over the tomatoes; a little celery seed boiled with the rest is good; will keep well. — Mrs. W. B. C. Pearsons.


Take eight pounds of green tomatoes; slice and sprinkle over them a teacup of salt, and let them stand over night; in the morning drain them out of the brine, and put them into a kettle containing four quarts of vinegar, two pounds of brown sugar, one tablespoonful of cinnamon, one tablespoonful of allspice, one tablespoonful of cloves, one tablespoonful of black pepper; boil until tender. — Mrs. A. T. Tuttle.


Seven pounds of fruit; three pounds of sugar; one pint of vinegar cloves. — Mrs. A. T. Tuttle.


One gallon of vinegar; two pounds of brown sugar; one ounce stick of cinnamon; one ounce of whole cloves; one ounce of allspice; scald this; then slice tomatoes, and put in the vinegar until used up. — Mrs. H.


Eight pounds skinned tomatoes; four pounds of brown sugar; boil till thick and stir often; one quart of eider vinegar; one teaspoonful of mace; one teaspoonful of all kinds of spice; boil five minutes. — Mrs. H.

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