625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook



Slice one peek of green tomatoes; sprinkle over one large cup of salt; let stand over night; drain off and add six green peppers and six onions chopped line: mix with two pounds of sugar these spices, two tablespoonsful of ground mustard, four of fine black mustard seed; one tablespoonful each, of whole cloves, peppercorns, ground cinnamon and mace; one-half tablespoonful of pepper; put layer of tomatoes in the kettle, cover with the spices another layer of tomatoes and so on till all is used: cover with vinegar and let cook slowly two hours; can in tight cans and it will keep years; best when three years old. — Mrs. H. H. Gridley.


Slice one peck of green tomatoes; add one pint of salt; cover with water and let stand twenty-four hours; rinse off with water; take twelve green peppers, ten onions; one head cabbage; squeeze the tomatoes out of the water and chop them all together; cover them with vinegar and let scald; draw off vinegar; add a little molasses; two tablespoonsful of ground cloves; two tablespoonsful of cinnamon; add ground horse-radish to suit taste; mix; cover with fresh vinegar and a little brown sugar on top of the jar; four spoonsful of horse-radish will do; this will keep for months in fall and winter. — Mrs. J. S. Webber.

One peck of green tomatoes; one quart of onions chopped fine; one cup of salt; let them stand over night; drain well, and add one head of cauliflower; one quart of peppers (chopped); stir in two ounces of cloves, two of allspice, two of cinnamon, two of mace, four ounces of mustard seed; cover with good cider vinegar; heat quite hot and put into jars; cover when cold. — Mrs. J. D. Hardy.


One peck of green tomatoes; four heads of cauliflower, salted twenty four hours; drain, and mix with a handful of horse-radish; one ounce of cloves; one ounce of cinnamon; ten or twelve green peppers chopped line; one-fourth pound of brown sugar; one-fourth pound each, of black and white mustard seed; one-eighth pound of celery seed; three bunches of celery, chopped; fifty small cucumbers, put all in a kettle, and add two quarts of vinegar and one quart of water; scald ten minutes, (not boil), then drain, and add cold vinegar enough to cover it; cook five minutes. — Mrs. W. W. Ward, Mrs. A. L. Shumway.

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