625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke



Slice two gallons of green tomatoes; put them into a pan with a layer of salt and a layer of tomatoes, with half a dozen of sliced onions alternately put with the tomatoes and salt; let them remain in salt all night; the next morning rinse and drain well; put them into a kettle with one gallon of strong cider vinegar; four pounds of brown sugar; four tablespoonsful of mustard; four of ground allspice; four of ground ginger; five of cinnamon; four of cloves; four of black pepper; four of celery seed; one-half dozen red or green peppers sliced fine; two teaspoonsful of ground mace; four tablespoonsful of olive oil; let boil three or four hours; then if the vinegar is not as strong as it should be, while the pickles are still warm add a quart of cold vinegar. — Mrs. John Smith.

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