625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

William Bounds Bishop Mill Shaker Set


"Dinner may be pleasant;
So may social tea;
But yet, methinks the breakfast
Is best of all the three."


Two quarts flour; one teaspoonful salt, and two tablespoonsful of lard; one pint scalded milk; one cent's worth yeast; one scant half cup of sugar; mix well flour, lard and salt; when the milk is lukewarm add yeast and sugar; make a deep hole in the mixture, just covering it lightly with flour; let it rise seven or eight hours; then mix soft as bread; roll out; cut round; lap over, putting a piece of butter between the lap; then let the rolls rise previously to baking. — Lillian Barkalow.

One quart of sifted flour; one half cup of yeast; two tablespoonsful of sugar; two tablespoonsful of butter; one tablespoonful of lard; salt; pour one pint of boiling milk on all except the yeast, which add when lukewarm; mix early in the morning and knead at noon, adding flour to make as stiff as biscuit; when light roll thin and cut out round; spread one-half with melted butter and turn the other over it. — Mrs. G. H. Phelps.

One pint milk; one-quarter cake yeast, or one cent's worth; two tablespoonsful melted butter; two tablespoonsful sugar; a little salt; mix like bread at night; in the morning mould fifteen minutes; again at noon the same; roll out; cut with a round cooky cutter, and put a bit of butter in each; fold over and let them rise until time to bake for tea; quick oven. — Mrs. James Newton.


Two quarts of flour; one tablespoonful of white sugar; piece of butter size of an egg rubbed in flour; one pint of milk boiled and cooled; one-half teaspoonful of salt; one-half cup of yeast; mix and knead fifteen minutes; let rise again till light; cut with large biscuit cutter; brush over with soft butter; fold together; rise again till light; bake twenty minutes; make three dozen. — Mrs. J. N. Sackett.

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