Kennel Club Show Draws Large Crowd

by Laurel | June 19th, 2016

More Than 100 Entries in Puppy Exhibition at Masonic Temple — Warrior, King War Two of Winners

Holyoke, Feb. 23 1935 — The puppy show held by the Holyoke Kennel Club, at the Masonic Temple, tonight proved to be one of the most successful yet held by the organization, with more than 100 entries, and an attendance of excess of 500.

In the children’s class, judged by Harry Bush of Westfield, Kingsland Mullen, showing the chow dog, King Wan, won a silver cup offered to boys, and Priscilla Casey, nine, of this city, won a similar cup for her beagle dog, Warrior. Both prizes were donated by Robert Newcomb of Holyoke.

Judged by Harry Bush of Westfield: Irish setters, first prize, Curran’s Shamus, male, owned by Francis M. Cullen of Holyoke; Tamara, female, same owner; English setters, first RocKohler, male, R. O. C. Kohler of South Hadley; second. Sueck, male, Morris Maurice Carlstrom of Springfield; Rex, male, William A. O’Connor of Holyoke; first, Larry Discount Hadleigh, male, Col. G. A. Taylor of Hadley; first, Ace, male, Herbert Stewart of Indian Orchard; Cocker spaniels, first Bavarost Freckles,  male, Mrs. Duel of Holyoke; Sureblock, King, male, T. C. Lewis of Springfield; second Brownie, male, E. F. Williams of Springfield.

Judged by E. R. Carrier of Westfield: Beagles, first, Buddie, male, R. E. Sattler of Holyoke; Jolly Fine Laddie, male, Thomas Cusack of Westfield; Patsy, female, Joseph Patton of Russell; Second, Peggy. female, E. D. Clark of Holyoke; Warrior, male, Nonotuck Kennels of Holyoke; third, Barney, male, Franklin A. Pariseau of Fairview.

Judged by Mrs. Michael F. O’Connor of South Hadley: Collie, first, Lewis’s Wonderful Boy, male, T. E. Lewis of Springfield; German shepard, first, V. D. Falkenberg, Paul Gregengeist of Northampton; first, Katavroyvin, female.

Terry Driscoll, male, 1st, owned by John Driscoll of Holyoke, Dobermann-Pinschers, 1st Prize winners: Katavroyvin, female woned by Roy Martin of Springfield; Hitler, male, owned by P. Mahoney of Holyoke; Boris, male, owned by L.P. Griffin of West Springfield; same class, 2d prize winner, Hasso, male, owned by Mrs. Leora Johnson of West Springfield.

Judged by Mitchell

Judged by James Mitchell of Willimansett: Pekingese, 1st prize winners, Cathmah, male, owned by L. H. Smith of Springfield; Ming Toy, female, owned by Miss V. Ckara Blake of Sprigfield. Pomeranian, 1st prize winners: Little Gem, female, owned by Miss A. S. Graves of Springfield; Wolfie, male, owned by Mrs. L. M. Burgess of Wilbraham; Tumoli Honey Girl, female, owned by Mrs, L. M. Burgess of Wilbraham; same class, 2d prize, Black Beauty, owned by Mrs. J. Green of Springfield; same class, 3d prize, Bunty, owned by Mrs. Knightly, of Holyoke.

Judged by John P. Sullivan of Springfield: White Haired Foz Terriers, 1st prize winners, Salty, female, owned by Mrs. Wilder of South Amherst; White Dial, male, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Roy Peck of Springfield; Pal Lone Eagle, male, owned by Teddy Day of Holyoke; Lois Heartbuster, female, owned by Mrs. F. C. Dow of Northampton; Irish Terrier, Red Hugh, 1st prize, owned by Owen McGettrick of Springfield; Cairn Terrier, female, Rags, owned by Gideon Miles of Holyoke; English Bull Terrier, female, English Tim the Second, owned by John Bowler of Holyoke.

Scotch Terrier, first prize winners, Jean, female, owned by Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Putnam of Easthampton; Rufus Jones, male, owned by E. A. Havens of Springfield; Laddie McDuff, male, owned by Harold W. Lavalle of Holyoke; same class second prizes: Rastus Jojos, female, owned by E. A. Havens of Springfield; Gaylord, male, owned by Jean McGann of Springfield; Kerry Blue, first, Capt. Mack, owned by J. Fitzgerald of Springfield.

Judged by Fred Bearse of Springfield; Boston terriers first prize winners, Baby, female, owned by L. Parl of Willimansett; Patsy, male, owned by John E. Sullivan of Holyoke, Tiny, female, owned by Mrs. Reed of Fairview; same class second prize winners, Dizie Roy, male, owned by Mr. S. J. Green of Springfield; Worthy Freckles, female, owned by E. B. A. Ward of West Springfield; same class, third prize, Lady Turnvey, female, owned by Junior Haggerty of South Hadley Falls; third prize winner, Bundle, male, owned by Michael Griffin of South Hadley; fourth prize winner, G.C. Jigg, owned by Mrs. Harold Gray of South Hadley.

English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs: First, Elmer, owned by William Thompson of West Springfield; Doodles, male, owned by Hiram H. Brownell of Northampton; Sissy of Baptist Village, female owned by Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Moriarty of Holyoke; Maj. Rickey, Male, owned by Grace Demers of Holyoke; second, Bonzo, owned by Mrs. Ridgeway, of Springfield; Bungee, owned by William R. Thompson of Springfield.

Chow dogs: First. Virginia, owned by Mrs. Virginia Ostell of Springfield; George, male, owned by Mrs. Virginia Ostell, of Springfield; Chin Wan, owned by Kingsland Mullen of Holyoke; Lord Jim of Pagemore, owned by Mrs. F.R. Humpage of North Wilbraham; second, Ching Lee, owned by Mrs. J. R. Whittaker of Holyoke; Putti-T, owned by Mrs. S. White of Plainnfield; East of Suez, owned by Miss Margaret Herbert of Holyoke; third, Lady Koomingo, owned by Miss Emma Clement of Springfield; Cholmondley Joy Boy, owned by Miss Emma Clement of Springfield, Son T Fu, owned by Frank Burns of Holyoke.

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