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Holyoke Snippets — 14 May 1901

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14 May 1901


Julia Coffey made her fifth appearance before the police court yesterday morning for drunkenness and was given a three-months’ sentence, while Patrick O’Connell of Bridge Street was given a month’s sentence for the same offense. State Agent Morton was in the court, and on his recommendation the cases of the two boys, who stole pig iron, Peter Farrell and John L. Rae, were disposed of, Farrell being sentenced to three months in jail and Rae’s case continued two months. James Long, a boy who stole lead pipe, had his case continued until today. Peter Pilman, a vegetable peddler, cried aloud his wares in the alleys, against the ordinances, and paid $3 for so doing. Henry Daginals was sent to jail for six months for non-support. He had a family of seven children, which he failed to provide for. One “drunk” was fined $11, one $8, one continued and one placed upon probation.

The Walsh Boiler Works shipped yesterday 24 carloads of steel filter tanks, one of the largest orders ever filled in New England. These were constructed for the Norwood Engineering Company of Florence, and were sent by special train to the Oxford Paper Company at Rumford Falls, Maine. Each tank was 18 feet long, and they were loaded three for every two cars, being 38 in all.

The park commissioners met yesterday afternoon in special session and voted to have the park keepers this year wear dark blue uniforms with silver buttons. Some details of routine were arranged respecting the park superintendent and the park keepers.

Daniel Sullivan, 22, died yesterday morning at his home at 93 Front Street, after a short illness. He had been employed by the Baker Vawter company as a bookbinder. He leaves two brothers and five sisters, all of Holyoke.

Lawyer A. L. Green went to Boston Sunday night to resume the trial of the municipal lighting case. The water power company is now putting in its rebuttal, and it is hoped that this will be finished in a week or so.

The funeral of Reinhardt Beyer was held yesterday afternoon at Ryan’s undertaking rooms. There were several floral offerings. The bearers were Turners and the burial was in the Forestdale Cemetery.

W. J. Lamontaigne has sold his poolroom on High Street to G. W. Crosier of this city. The place will be managed by George M. Palmer.

The closing reception for the season of W. V. McCarthy’s dancing classes will be held this evening at Wakelin Hall.

Adapted from The Springfield Daily Republican.







Francis Dane Douglass

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Seventh Principal of Holyoke High School

Francis Dane Douglass

Francis Dane Douglass, Seventh Principal of Holyoke High School

Francis Dane Douglass, son of Henry and Delia A. (Potter) Douglass, was born in Plainfield, Connecticut, August 2, 1838. His preparatory education was obtained in Greenwich, Rhode Island. He entered Brown University in 1860 and was graduated in 1863, with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. After graduation, Mr. Douglass taught in the Connecticut Literary Institute, now the Suf- field School, in Suffield, Connecticut. He was principal of the Holyoke High School from 1864-1865. It is interesting to note that it was during Mr. Douglass’ term as principal that the first class consisting of six young ladies was graduated from the high school. Leaving Holyoke, he became connected with the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company as Superintendent of Agencies. Mr. Douglass died in Hartford, March 26, 1883.

Herald Staff — Holyoke High School, 1953-1954

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Herald Staff — Holyoke High School, 1953-1954

Herald Staff
Holyoke High School

Herald Staff

First row, left to right: T. Heffron, E. Czapran, N. Valenti, A. Modena, J. Carlinsky, Mr. W. Halpin, H. Donoghue, K. Kirley, J. Dobrowolski, K. Neumann, E. Ouellette, C. Fogarty.

Second row: J. Healey, E. Shwartzwald, A. Woods, C. Ryan, E. Griffin, J. Ditomassi, N. Grandchamp, N. Lamay, M. Menard, P. Cousineau, J. Gelinas, J. Lenarcen.

Third row: R. Stebbins, J. Gorman, M. Coffey, C. Platts, A. Rychlik, N. Swinski, M. Lucey, B. Prentiss, S. Renjullian, K. Fenton, W. Creane.

Fourth row: S. Dizek, C. Messier, J. Kane, G. Bastianse, T. Wheeler.

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Jean Barry McCormick

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22 September 1949

Associate Editor of Fortnightly Paris Magazine “Grapevine”

Jean Barry McCormick, 1949

Jean Barry McCormick, 1949

Holyoke Lass in the Big Time, Writes Story on Anniversary of Paris Liberation;
Publication Nunbers Many Top-Flight Contributions

 Miss Jean Barry McCormick, daughter of Municipal G & E Commissioner, John J. D. McCormick, of 37 Lexington Ave., has been named an associate editor of “The Grapevine,” a fortnightly Paris magazine, word was received her today.

Local Schools Graduate

Miss McCormick, graduate of the local schools, and who attended St. Joseph’s College in Hartford, is joined in publishing the edition by Miss Viola Ilma, a foreign representative of the Evening Journal. The magazine numbers such contributors as the three Rockefeller brothers; actor-producer Jose Ferrer; Bruce Gould, editor of the Ladies Home Journal and Drew Peterson.

Liberation Story

The first edition of the publication carried an article by Miss McCormick on the anniversary of the liberation of Paris. She wrote:

“Perhaps the scene that has left the most indelible impression on my mind has been the view of the Arc de Triomphe from the Champs-Élysées. From the Bois du Boulogne side three large spotlights shot up to the stars providing a profusion of red, white and blue colors that filled the sky, and that could be seen from miles around. Around the top of the great monument were lights hidden in the tiers of the structure emphasizing the chiseled intricacy of its design.

Napoleon’s tomb, like the numerous other monuments and fountains about the town were all ablaze with the light that reflected all the exuberance, happiness and prayers of a free people.  Sometimes it takes something like the darkened depressions of a long, grim war to create a feeling of true thanksgiving for the taken-for-granted blessings of everyday existence. There was dancing in the streets on the Place du Vingt-Cinq-Août, which used to be the old Place d’Orleans, renamed with the Liberation date. In the big and small bistros all over the town the violins seemed to pick up the pulse of the people and the strains of the stringed instruments brought tears to the eyes of some, while others reflected jubilant looks, and some merely seemed to be gazing in silent retrospect.

“Flowers were banked in tribute to the loved ones they lost, similar to our Memorial Day, Fireworks exploded in different directions all over Paris.

“Mixed Feelings”

“Observing the mixed feelings of the people in their various holiday activities one realizes more acutely on nights like this that human emotion knows no boundaries, that there is an international language, that knows no race, creed, or color.”

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.


Veterans Day 2014

November 11th, 2014 | Comments Off on Veterans Day 2014


Thank a Veteran Today.


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