Watch and Ward Society Raids

by Laurel | July 14th, 2009

July 14, 1909, Page 10

Watch and Ward Society Raids
Seize 12 Gambling Machines
Secretary Chase Finds Holyoke a Much Cleaner City Than He Expected.

The Watch and Ward Society, represented by its secretary, J. Frank Chase of Boston, has had an eye on Holyoke for the past week or so, and as the result of its observations 12 gambling machines were confiscated yesterday and 11 warrants have been sworn out against Holyoke residents. Holyoke, however, had more good words than bad raid for it by Mr. Chase, who stated that he went to the Paper city with the belief that gambling houses predominated and that houses of prostitution could be found on nearly every corner. A short time ago in speaking of Lynn as an immoral city be was told. “Just wait until you see Holyoke.” Mr. Chase yesterday said that be agreeably surprised when he had completed his investigations of Holyoke, and classes the Paper city as one of the cleanest cities in the state from a moral point of view. He did not find gambling or houses of prostitution during his investigation, and aside from the few gambling machines captured found little ant of the way in the conduct of affairs in the city. Of course it is possible and probable that such things may exist in the city. but they are not common and are not known so widely as has often been alleged. The fact that Mr. Chase, using the same methods of locating such troubles in Holyoke as in other cities and not finding them, would seem to argue that Holyoke is to a large extent more free from such immorality than the other cities which he cited.

Inspectors Cullen and Metcalf attended him on his tour to the several places where the machine. were found and during their presence in one or two of the places persons entered and tried to play the machines, not recognizing the fact that officers. were there. Most of the machines were small nickel card machines, although one machine which had been played rather out of the way was an expensive one and must have cost when new $400 or $500. Most of the machines contained money which will be turned over to the county although the sums contained had not been ascertained last evening. Regarding the popularity of these gambling machines the remark of a well-known Holyoke saloon-keeper a few years ago is remembered. He said that if he could have the privilege of running these machines that he would not give the snap of his finger for the profits in the liquor business. It is probable that after this raid that the use of the machines will be abandoned in Holyoke. The machines were captured at the following places. John Renaud, 291 Main street, two machines; William Kelly, 473 High street, one; John Poh, 91 Ely street, one; Mrs. Katherine Shippee, corner Race and Dwight streets, one; Joseph Lucchesi, 99 Ely street, two; O. Desjardin, 79 Ely street, one; Dom Boulair, Lyman and Canal streets, one; A. J. Monat, S. Mosher street, one; Henrietta Gulbere, 29 Lyman street, one. In the place mentioned first the name is of the one in charge of the room. The place is the Crabtree poolroom of which Mr. Pepin is manager.

Excerpt from the Springfield Republican.

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